Young kids are suing Trump and are part of Climate march

Climate March: These Kids Are Suing Donald Trump And Marching To The White House In Protest Of Climate Change

A huge climate march in Washington will mark President Trump’s 100 days in office. Rallies and marches have become a common sight in the Trump’s era, but today, kids as young as 9-years-old will be part of the rally protesting climate change.

A group of 21 young people has sued Donald Trump and his administration over inaction on climate change. The lawsuit states that government has failed to curtail the fossil fuel emissions and to protect the environment.

The lawsuit was first filed in 2014 targeting the Obama administration, but now with Trump in office, it has garnered far more support. During his campaign Trump, clearly stated that climate change was a hoax, and he has maintained same views after taking the office too.

Donald Trump is seen as an anti-environmental president
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Scott Pruitt, a science denier who believes that carbon dioxide has not effect on global warming is now the head of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Trump’s administration. Notably, most of Trump’s actions portray him as an anti-environment president.

Trump’s has now allowed coal mines to dump waste into rivers, use of lead ammunition is allowed on federal land, and even fuel efficiency standards are being reconsidered. The Keystone pipeline has been approved, and the Clean Power Plan is under review.

The administration is planning to open federal lands for fossil fuel extraction. There are talks of pulling out of Paris Agreement, an international agreement to reduce carbon emission. The funding for regulators is likely to see a cut.

All these anti-environment actions will have a huge impact on the entire world. Increased pollution will lead to droughts, rising temperatures, floods, and mass extinction. It will also reduce the determination of other countries to reduce their carbon footprint.

The climate march will see these kids participate alongside adults. The kids are arguing on the grounds that their rights to life, liberty, and property are being violated due to the tremendous hazard damage to the climate, as reported by Democracy Now.

Peoples March for climate
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Their attorneys say that since the kids will live longer, the future climate will have more impact on them. They further state that the kids are being discriminated against as a class of people. By marching to White House, these kids want their rights.

The youngest child plaintiff is a 9-year-old, Levi Draheim. He said that as Earth will become warmer, the ice will melt, and oceans will expand. It is baffling for him to understand why adults have chosen a leader who does not believe in climate change. He further added the following.

“It’s scary having someone who doesn’t believe in climate change being our president and shutting down the (Environmental Protection Agency), or trying to. It is so anti-preventing climate change.”

Another plaintiff, 15-year-old Isaac Vergun, said that most people are aware of climate change, but they put it aside so that they can continue living their lives. Zealand Bell, 13, said “it is not their fault, they don’t know better.”

Interestingly, these kids are not doing this because their parents or attorneys told them to do it. They believe that they will inherit a damaged climate, and so they convinced their parents to let them participate in the climate march.

The secondary goals for the march also include stopping the attack on immigrants, ensuring public funds are used to create jobs, funding investment in communities, protecting fundamental rights to free speech, press, and protest.

Thousands of protesters will take part in the climate march to the White House. Nearly 300 similar marches are also planned at different locations including Boston and San Francisco.

All the detailed information about the timing, location, and all relevant details can be found on the official website of Peoples Climate.

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