Goldberg could Still Have More Matches For WWE

WWE Officials Won’t Book Bill Goldberg As Strongly If He Returns To WWE For Another Match

There is still a strong possibility that Bill Goldberg will have more matches for WWE after WrestleMania 33, but WWE officials will book him very differently if he does return to the ring for the company. Over the past six months, Goldberg was booked strongly against The Beast. He beat him at WWE Survivor Series in less than two minutes, dominated him during the Royal Rumble match, and gave him a fight at WrestleMania.

WWE officials were pleased with Goldberg run and ending on the grandest stage of them all was a great way to end his career, especially considering how he left it the first time at WrestleMania 20. Goldberg was only meant to have one more match for WWE. He was able to perform for six months, earn another WWE Title run, and share it all with his family. On paper, Goldberg should be really happy with where his run finished.

The door is still open for Bill Goldberg to keep working with WWE. His merchandise will continue to sell, he will be featured on the WWE Network, but he could also have more matches soon. However, WWE officials will book Goldberg much differently than he was over the past year. He was working with Brock Lesnar, so he was able to get away with much more than he would if he returns for another rivalry with someone else.

Brock Lesnar Was Responsible For Goldberg Getting Over
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There have been rumors about Goldberg having another match at WWE SummerSlam or WrestleMania 34 next year. It would take a lot for him to come back, but it’s plausible depending on the match. There is little to fear about Goldberg headed to other promotions since no one can match the money WWE is offering him.

However, it’s being reported that WWE officials won’t be pushing Goldberg as strongly if he does return for another match or feud. Apparently, it was Brock Lesnar who fought for Goldberg during their rivalry about how their feud should be booked heading into WrestleMania 33. Lesnar was adamant about Goldberg being booked over him and being booked strongly because he knew the end result was a match at WrestleMania.

WWE officials have a lot invested in Brock Lesnar. He can get away with many things that other performers can’t. Because of that, he had a lot of influence over the feud with Goldberg. If the latter returns for another match at some point, he’s going to be booked by the WWE creative team. The direction of his character may go differently than it did over the past several months because he’s not feuding with Brock Lesnar anymore.

Goldberg Will Face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33
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Of course, Goldberg was not necessarily expecting to become the WWE Universal Champion during his last run with WWE. It’s unlikely he would have another run over months again, especially considering how the WWE fans were beginning to turn on him for his strong booking over full-time WWE performers. There are still matches the WWE Universe would love to see from Goldberg, but he’s unlikely to win many of them.

Over the past six months, Goldberg was one of WWE’s most bankable stars. His future with WWE is still up in the air right now, but his relationship with the company is stronger than ever. It may be better for him to leave well enough alone, call it a career, become a WWE Hall of Famer over the next few years, and continue to work with WWE on other projects outside of the ring. There is no reason why Goldberg can’t make some appearances on WWE programming, but he’d be risking a near perfect ending by getting back into the ring.

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