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Dule Hill Separation Filed, ‘Psych’ Star Splits From Wife Nicole Lyn

Dule Hill (star of the comedy buddy show Psych who has also appeared on the political drama The West Wing) is separating from wife Nicole after nearly a decade of marriage, it has been reported.

Dule Hill and wife Nicole Lyn got hitched eight years ago, before Hill gained notoriety on the show Psych as the sidekick of that guy who solves crimes by seeming psychic but actually really just paying a lot of attention to things … or something. Hill also serves on the Screen Actors Guild Hollywood Board of Directors.

According to Dule Hill’s separation paperwork, which has been obtained by press, the pair have cited “irreconcilable differences” in their split, which was filed earlier this month on November 6.

And while Dule Hill’s separation just became legally official this month, the docs say the couple first decided to step onto the long road to calling it quits back on July 21.

Hill and Nicole Lyn were wed in July back in 2004, and the separation was filed just before their eighth anniversary. Lyn is herself in show business, and appeared in the Canadian television show Student Bodies. The soon to be former Mrs. Dule Hill also is a DJ, mixing under the name Ms. Nix.

The marriage between Hill and Lyn was the first for both the 37-year-old Psych star and the 34-year-old actress, and the pair have no children. Dule Hill’s separation papers cite “irreconcilable differences,” and we can expect to see the star back on the small screen as Gus when Psych returns on February 27, 2013.