Jessa Duggar Seewald Defends Her Decision To Let Her Son Go Barefoot

Jessa Duggar Seewald Responds To Criticism Of Family Easter Photo

Jessa Duggar Seewald decided to defend herself after being criticized for the craziest reason. On Easter Sunday, she shared a family photo on Instagram that sparked a debate about the way she dressed her sons for the religious holiday.

The photo in question looks harmless enough at first glance. Jessa Duggar is holding baby Henry, and a smiling 1-year-old Spurgeon is in the arms of his father, Ben Seewald. Both little boys are dressed in their Easter best, and they’re both rocking stylish bow ties. See if you can spot the issue some of Jessa’s followers have with their outfits.


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Give up? Look at Spurgeon and Henry’s feet. Some of Jessa Duggar’s Instagram followers are attacking the Counting On star for not completing the little boys’ Easter outfits with shoes and socks.

“Why do they not have shoes on?” one of Jessa’s followers wrote. “The ground is not clean. Use your head Jessa. The boys need to wear shoes when outside.”

Jessa Duggar responded to the criticism by revealing that Spurgeon did spend at least part of his Easter Sunday with shoes on his feet. She also pointed out that her sons are in no real danger of getting anything dangerous on their feet because they’re usually being carried by their parents.

“We try. Spurgeon took his shoes off in the car, so we didn’t bother to put them back on,” Jessa wrote. “He’s still a baby, so we carry him around most of the time when we’re out and about.”

As you can see, Jessa did make sure that Spurgeon kept his shoes on last week when her family visited the Waco, Texas, store owned by Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Oh yes we did. ????????????

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This isn’t the first time Jessa Duggar has been criticized over the way she dresses her kids. As SheKnows reports, she was accused of sharing an “immodest” photo of Spurgeon last February. The little boy was dressed in a flannel shirt and a onesie.

“Respect your son’s modesty please,” wrote one fan who was not happy that Jessa’s son was not wearing pants in the picture.

Most of Jessa Duggar’s followers took her side in the recent shoes vs. bare feet debate.

“A little germs and dirt are good for the immune system. Not your kids, not your worry,” one fan commented.

“Love that they’re not wearing shoes. Since when did society decide that babies need to wear shoes?” another wrote. “There are studies that prove that at crucial times in a child’s development (like learning to crawl and walk), shoes can be detrimental, they don’t allow the child’s body to develop and perform the way it is supposed to.”

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s oldest son might be big enough to hunt for Easter eggs, but he probably didn’t spend Sunday afternoon running around outside barefoot looking for hidden treats. According to one of Michelle Duggar’s TLC blog posts, her family does not have an egg hunt on Easter, and the Duggars have even created their own special name for the religious holiday synonymous with bunnies and pastel-colored eggs: “Resurrection Sunday.”

“Instead of doing the typical egg hunt and candy, we’ve made our own way of celebrating Easter. We call it Resurrection Sunday because we really want the children to know why we’re celebrating Easter,” Michelle explains.

However, the Duggars spend the day before Easter baking cookies so that the younger members of the family don’t feel like they’re missing out on the Easter Sunday sugar rush that other kids get to experience.

“We also love to make cookies and decorate them; they’ll be in the shape of a cross or a heart to symbolize Easter. The older ones help their little siblings with the cookies and crafts and share their Easter memories.”

If Spurgeon and Henry spent Easter at their grandparents’ house, they also left with a few other sour and savory treats.

“We don’t do candy or Easter baskets for the kids, instead we make individual bags filled with their favorite treats,” Michelle writes. “Not candy, but other goodies that the kids don’t get much any other time of the year. Snacks like beef jerky, canned potato chips and pickles, of course! The Duggars all love pickles.”

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