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Angelina Jolie Purchases $25 Million Los Feliz Home To Be Closer To Brad Pitt: Divorce Over?

Angelina Jolie has reportedly purchased a $25 million estate in Los Feliz, which sources say is less than two miles away from Brad Pitt’s home.

Insiders tell Hollywood Life that Angelina Jolie was looking for something specific when she started hunting for a new house — one that resonates with the children, and where they will evidently feel comfortable at.

The news outlet shares that Angelina Jolie’s kids have always lived in the Los Feliz area, so finding something there seemed fitting for the actress. And it didn’t hurt to know that Brad reportedly doesn’t live too far away either, making it the perfect co-parenting plan for the two, since neither of them would have to travel far if they wanted to see the kids.

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Angelina Jolie’s decision to purchase a new home in Los Angeles seemed rather abrupt, especially after it was claimed that she had plans to move the children to London — perhaps the house she now has in Los Feliz is going to be the spot where she and the kids stay when they’re in the city.

Either way, Angelina Jolie has raised a lot of smiles in her family with her decision in moving to Los Feliz with the children, as one source explained.

“Everyone in the family is happy that Angelina has decided to buy a place a mile away from Brad [Pitt]’s house.”

“Angelina chose her new home because it is close to Brad’s, the only home her children know. Angie’s new place is in the same ritzy Los Angeles neighborhood about a mile and a half away from Brad, in Los Feliz, where the kids have grown up. The new home’s close proximity will ensure the children stay close and connected with their father.”

Fans are rather surprised by Angelina Jolie’s decision to live that close to Brad Pitt, especially after it had been reported that the Salt actress was determined to attain full custody of all six children, having insinuated through her PR team that Pitt was incapable of caring for the kids.

Having allegedly perpetrated a smear campaign against her estranged husband with allegations of alcohol and child abuse, Angelina Jolie was said to have been determined to win the case once it went to court.

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Fortunately for the duo, however, they’ve been in a much better space lately, it’s been revealed. While it doesn’t seem as if they will be getting back together, Angelina Jolie has definitely been in contact with Brad, which seems to hint at the possibility that they won’t be fighting over custody of the children anymore.

Regarding their divorce settlement, sources say that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt won’t be putting up a fight for the properties they’ve bought together — they’ve agreed to share them out equally, giving the impression that money, cars, and other luxurious items aren’t much of their concern in their divorce.

As for Angelina Jolie’s move to Los Feliz, Hollywood Life continues, “Angelina has come to terms with how important it is for Brad to have an active role in the children’s lives and that’s why she chose to buy a home so close to her ex. She loves the new place with its Hollywood history and the children are happy too that they are a short ride away to dad’s house.”

Jolie is expected to make the big move to Los Feliz in the next couple of weeks, Vanity Fair adds, which insiders say will definitely enlighten Brad, who hasn’t had the chance to spend as much time with his children as he would have liked to.

Do you think the move to Los Feliz, in what seems to be a move to be closer to Brad for the kids’ sake, is a wise move from Angelina Jolie?

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