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Angus T. Jones’ Church Says They’re Not Affiliated With Actor’s Radical Mentor

Seventh-Day Adventists distance themselves from Angus T. Jones' mentor

The church that baptized Two and a Half Men actor Angus T. Jones has made it clear that they are not affiliated in any way with Christopher Hudson, the conspiracy and doomsday preacher considered to be the young actor’s spiritual mentor.

Hudson, a Seventh-Day Adventist preacher, appears with Jones in his controversial video testimonial in which he calls Two and a Half Men “filthy” and expresses his desire to quit the show. Early reports suggested that Jones’ mother feared the young actor had been manipulated by The Seventh-Day Adventist Church, but they have since told TMZ that they had nothing to do with Jones’ rant and are not affiliated with Hudson.

In a statement, the Seventh-Day Adventist church said that they’re “happy” that Jones decided to become a member of the LA congregation, and that they “welcome him with open arms.”

However …

“These comments were of a personal nature, reflecting his views after having undergone changes during his spiritual journey,” the church said of Jones’ video testimonial and comments regarding Two and a Half Men.

As for Christopher Hudson, whose Forerunner Chronicles web series Jones considers “a blessing,” the church says: “We are unable to offer information because Forerunner Chronicles is not a ministry operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its host is not a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

The plot thickens!

It’s a pretty smart play by the Adventists. They react to Angus T. Jones with love and acceptance, but distance themselves from a radical “preacher” who believes that President Obama is Hitler, Jay-Z is a Satan-worshiping Freemason, and that New York gas shortages will lead to cannibalism. What church wants to be affiliated with that racket?

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3 Responses to “Angus T. Jones’ Church Says They’re Not Affiliated With Actor’s Radical Mentor”

  1. Regena Hickey

    Angus T Jones a 19 year old actor on Two & a Half Men is trashing the show is making $350.000 an episode…$8 million a year! Maybe he should consider donating ALL OF HIS MONEY TO CHARITY There are very few actors who get the opportunity to do what he has done. GROW UP…GIVE IT AWAY & go to college!

  2. Muay Thai Panda

    What idiot will donate all his money he worked so hard to get? You idiot why would he even bother going to college if his worth about 15 Million now, think threw your head before saying stupid shit. You really fucking think Charity is gonna give money to kids? If any he should buy toys & no more then that!

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