April the Giraffe's baby boy isn't named yet, but already Donald Trump on Twitter is getting burned about the giraffes.

April Kicks Trump: Twitter Anti-Trump April The Giraffe Jokes Burn After April Gives Birth

Oh, no they didn’t! Twitter kicked off a run on April the Giraffe vs. Donald Trump tweets after April finally gave birth to her eagerly anticipated calf on April 15. First April kicks the vet, then she kicks Trump on Twitter! It’s not the little calf’s fault that he dropped into the world on Tax Day 2017, when thousands of protesters are streaming to join marches and demand that Trump release his taxes.

Naturally, there’s a tongue-in-cheek theory that April’s baby knew all about the Tax Day March, and that’s the reason he kept everyone on his giraffe live stream waiting so long.

It’s not even on the baby giraffe’s head that April has been a bad news month all around, except for the delight of welcoming a new giraffe calf. It was, unfortunately, on the poor little giraffe’s head when he dropped to the ground from six feet up on live stream, but giraffes are built to handle that painful experience.

They probably aren’t all that well equipped to handle life as a Trump protester, but the idea that April the Giraffe’s baby was holding out for something big has been floating around the Twittersphere for several weeks.

In case you haven’t been keeping up on April the Giraffe’s pregnancy and the Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Stream, the relieved mom had her baby on Saturday, April 15, at around 10 a.m. E.T, according to Us Weekly Magazine. April is tuckered out, but resting happily with her baby boy as she contemplates finding the perfect name.

The significance of April 15 and Trump’s taxes is explained by the Washington Post. April 15 in the United States is the deadline to file income tax reports with the IRS. Donald Trump infamously refused to release his personal tax returns, even though every other presidential candidate has always done so. Protesters have been calling for the president to open up about exactly how much in taxes he pays.

Today, protesters are marching in cities across the country to mark tax day and remind the president that they are still waiting to see his tax returns.

One tax marcher said that he was fed up with waiting for the president to show his tax returns after Trump demanded that Obama should produce his birth certificate.

“I’m really mad because he made Barack Obama produce his birth certificate, and he’s not even producing his tax returns. Come on, really? What are you hiding?”

Twitter was quick to pick up on the birth certificate jab.

Other Twitter users wrote that April the Giraffe has accomplished more than Trump during his presidency. Another live stream viewer commented that April worked harder in one day than Trump has in his entire life. Ouch.

Variety wrote that over 1.2 million people watched April give birth on the live stream, and many giraffe fans started comparing the numbers of watchers to the size of Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd live stream. Twitter is having fun with that tidbit too, and the hashtag #alternativefact is making a comeback.

In fact, the inauguration at one point boasted 4.6 million viewers, making it the biggest ever live stream event. But it’s important to remember, when making comparisons, that April is a giraffe.

A giraffe giving birth to a calf on the kind of loose schedule that had Jordan Patch from Animal Adventure Park telling live stream viewers, “Cancel your plans, it’s time to have a baby!” doesn’t give people much time to call in sick to work, race to the nearest WiFi hotspot, and tune into the giraffe live stream.

April the Giraffe’s millions of live stream followers were glued to the giraffe live stream for weeks before she finally went into labor. They wanted to be there for the birth, but April wasn’t giving any hints as to when exactly that would happen. A Twitter fan thought the little guy was waiting because he didn’t want to enter the world with Donald Trump as president.

Over 1.2 million people watching April the Giraffe give birth to her baby boy on live stream compared to 4 million watching Donald Trump’s inauguration is a pretty good showing for a giraffe versus the president of the United States.

There’s a giraffe name solution from Twitter too. Someone suggested that we should call April the Giraffe’s Tax Day baby Donald, for Donald Trump.

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