April the giraffe washes her baby boy.

April The Giraffe And Oliver Welcome Baby Boy On Live Stream: See Protective Mom Kick Vet And Cutest Photos

Fans who have been watching April the giraffe and her beau Oliver on the YouTube live stream were rewarded on Saturday, when the 15-year-old mom was seen giving birth to the couple’s baby boy. While first-time dad Oliver sported a politely puzzled look on his face when he realized that suddenly there were two giraffes in the pen next to him at Animal Adventure Park, the 1.2 million fans watching the live stream knew exactly what it meant, sharing their excitement on Twitter.

Fans of the giraffes made it clear that they felt like midwives when it came to their role in the birth. But when it came to the winner on Twitter, it was April the giraffe’s account that led the way.

While some on social media just wanted to cheer, others focused on trying to turn the baby into a star. But it wasn’t easy, because Oliver’s son, who some nicknamed Baby G, turned out to be clever in avoiding the camera.

“It’s too funny that Baby G is camera shy (unlike #AprilTheGiraffe) and chooses the one corner we can’t see – well played baby boy!” commented one Twitter user.

The real midwives were the team at Animal Adventure Park. After mom and baby had time together, the keepers separated them temporarily, posing with the new baby.

Some got political, with one noting that while more than a million people “watched the birth of a precious animal…the Trump boys would shoot them both for sport.”

But then there were those who combined photos with words to send a message about the meaning of the long-necked baby’s arrival.

As for Oliver’s view of his new son, however, this first-time father hasn’t taken to Twitter to spread the news. But photos show Oliver seems to be getting accustomed to the fact that, just like first-time human dads, he now has to share his sweetheart with a mini-me.

When it comes to Oliver’s baby mommy, this 15-year-old expert (this is her fourth baby) showed no hesitation in nuzzling and protecting her newborn calf. And that meant that when the vet entered the pen, he didn’t get his usual friendly greeting from the giraffe Internet star, reported Metro.

As the vet attempted to maneuver around, this protective mother mirrored his moves, shielding her baby from his touch.

Then, with the cameras capturing the sequence, the new mom went on the defense, aiming a strategic kick at the vet. The vet promptly retreated, presenting a snack to try to get back on good terms with the famous giraffe.

But where was Oliver while his baby mommy was using her self-defense moves to protect their baby? Oliver was just living up to the role that male giraffes have when it comes to babies.

More than a million fans were watching April the giraffe's live stream as she welcomed her fourth baby.
More than a million fans were watching April the giraffe’s live stream as she welcomed her fourth baby. [Image by Kai-Uwe Knoth/AP Images]

Male giraffes don’t do much when it comes to bringing up baby, reported the New York Times.

While Oliver’s baby mom raises their son, weaning him for six months or more, Oliver will be watching but not helping. And that’s true too after the baby is weaned, because the youngster will be moved to a different facility. Animal Adventure Park clarified the role of male giraffes.

“Bulls (male giraffes) only really care about two things, fighting and the unmentionable.”

Despite the protective actions of April, the baby giraffe did get his check-up from the vet, reported SF Gate.

April the giraffe brings up the baby, with no help from her beau Oliver.
April the giraffe brings up the baby, with no help from her beau Oliver. [Image by Ben Margot/AP Images]

“Baby checks out just perfect,” said the park. “Nursing strongly this morning without any concerns.”

For those who want to help support the giraffes, E News noted that fans could sign up for text message updates at a one-time fee of $4.99. Animal Adventure Park also has a GoFundMepage, and fans who want to see the giraffes up close can go to upstate New York to meet them.

The park re-opens on May 13, with visiting hours seven days a week. It’s located in Harpursville, New York, just 15 minutes outside of Binghamton, New York.

[Featured Image by Animal Adventure Park/AP Images]