Simon Cowell Prank Call 'Swatting' Brings Police To Home

Simon Cowell Prank Call ‘Swatting’ Brings Police To Home [Video]

Los Angeles, CA – Simon Cowell prank call swatting brings police to TV star’s home. Most people are probably used to being at the receiving end of Simon Cowell’s humor. Now the tables have been turned and Simon Cowell has become the victim of so-called “swatting,” where police are called to celebrities’ homes by false reports of crimes.

According to the Inquirer, TV talent show guru Simon Cowell is the latest victim of a string of so-called “swatting” hoaxes in California. These prank calls are called “swatting” because prank callers report horrible armed crimes in progress at stars’ homes, triggering the dispatch of police officers which usually includes fully armed SWAT teams ready to roll if the situation is real.

Simon Cowell lives in Los Angeles and pranksters thought it might be time to tell him off. Police officers rushed to the Cowell household Sunday following a telephone report of “unknown trouble.” When police arrived on the scene, Simon Cowell was present but reported no disturbance. He was probably wearing that face where you know he was not amused.

“The caller reported that someone within the house had been tied up with duct tape and needed assistance,” said Lincoln Hoshino of the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Other prank victims of the “swatting” wave have included Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber. In comparison, the Simon Cowell swatting prank call was reported to be rather amateurish.

“The call was so ridiculously done it had no credibility with the dispatcher,” officer Hoshino said, although officers were sent to check out the report just in case. “The dispatcher immediately suspected it was a fake.”

No word on whether Simon Cowell’s prank call included an armed van full of SWAT team members. What do you think about pranksters pulling these stunts with famous celebrities?