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Comedian Jenny Johnson Gets Death Threats From Angry Chris Brown Fans After Twitter Feud

Jenny Johnson Gets Death Threats From Angry Chris Brown Fans After Twitter Feud

Comedian Jenny Johnson took the brunt of a Twitter attack from Chris Brown after criticizing the singer’s violent past, but the worst isn’t over for the comedy writer.

Many of Chris Brown’s “Team Breezy” threatened to kill comedian Jenny Johnson after the vicious attack Brown leveled at her. It started when Johnson responded to one of Brown’s tweets, calling him a “piece of s**t” and sending him on the attack. Brown then told her to perform oral sex on him and then threatened to defecate in her eye, The Huffington Post reported.

Chris Brown’s attack on comedian Jenny Johnson was so over-the-line that it prompted a response from the co-hosts of The View.

“I think it’s disgusting first of all,” said Elisabeth Hasselbeck said in response to Brown’s comments, adding that he should be kicked off Twitter. “It seems like verbal rape to me.”

The feud also resulted in Brown deactivating his Twitter account for a few hours, and while he was offline several of his fans directed their anger toward Jenny Johnson.

“Do u wanna know what im gonna do now ? Im gonna kill that Jenny Johnson for making Chris delete his twitter,” wrote @NellyBreezy, who also later deleted her own account.

Another Chris Brown fan tweeted: “@JennyJohnsonHi5 whore b***h. if chris kill you i will have more respect of him ..”

This isn’t the first time Chris Brown’s Twitter followers have made headlines. In May, several “Team Breezy” members made death threats against model Chrissy Teigen, John Legend’s fiancee, after she made comments about Brown’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

During the Chrissy Teigen fiasco, Chris Brown stepped forward to offer a half-hearted call to his followers to stop: “Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats! I know y’all bout that life but it’s the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!”

Comedian Jenny Johnson said she isn’t scared by the response she’s received from Chris Brown’s fans, though she said she’s alarmed at how many death threats she got and asked Twitter to look into them.

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12 Responses to “Comedian Jenny Johnson Gets Death Threats From Angry Chris Brown Fans After Twitter Feud”

  1. Michael Rodgers

    It appears Chris Brown is a homicide waiting to happen. Wait for it.

  2. Parker Shilling

    The only thing Chris (the clown) Brown can whip is a woman. He could never man up against a man. Brown is the biggest bag of hot air in music. He seriously needs to go douche his mangina.

  3. Anonymous

    If this were a white man talking to a black woman like this, he would be behind bars already. But since she is white there will be no justice.

  4. Quintez Gillard

    Funny how everyone is failing to point out the fact that she started the B.S.. I've never heard of this comedian, seems that was the point in this publicity stunt was for this nobody to get some publicity.

  5. Ryan Klindtworth

    These fans are a bunch of punks. First for being fans of the woman beater Chris Brown, and second for taking to social media the threaten a woman. They've got no nuts!

  6. Anonymous

    So the girls of" the View" condemned his actions in the STRONGEST of terms…..

  7. Michael Rodgers

    His base and vile comments are then justified, because "she started it"? Yeah, right…

  8. Quintez Gillard

    he is most defiantly a D BAG for his actions, people forget he paid his debt to society even if it was community service. he supposed to just go belly up, when people talk shit who are looking for some media attention fuck that, his comment were on target. she should get a like!

  9. Anonymous

    Is it so surprising that a violent thug attracts violent thugs? Birds of a feather…

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