Bobby Brown heartbroken by Bobbi Kristina snub

Bobby Brown ‘Heartbroken’ Bobbi Kristina Snubbed His Thanksgiving Invitation

Tarzana, CA — Bobby Brown is reportedly “heartbroken” that his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with him.

Now the singer fears that he and his daughter will never mend their relationship.

A source close to the Brown family said, “Bobby threw a huge Thanksgiving dinner for his family with the help of his wife, Alicia, at their Tarzana home. But there was one person missing from the table — and that was Krissy.”

The source continued:

“She was personally invited by Bobby, but she didn’t turn up, nor did she tell him she couldn’t come. It was a subdued dinner with Bobby visibly disappointed that Krissy was a no show. He’s now wondering if he ever be able to rebuild his relationship with Krissy ever again.”

Brown told family and friends not having his daughter in his life left him feeling depressed and empty.

The broken relationship is believed to be the catalyst for Brown’s alcohol addiction and his two DUI arrests this year.

The source said Brown’s estrangement from Bobbi Kristina “was certainly what started the ball rolling in terms of falling foul to his demons once again and he’s been hitting the bottle hard.”

The source also said, “He feels at a loose end because he hears of Bobbi Kristina’s problems and wants to help, but she just won’t listen to him. It’s left him believing he has failed her as a father.”

Do you think Bobbi Kristina should have accepted her father’s Thanksgiving dinner invitation? Should Bobby Brown try harder to mend his relationship with her?