Lee Min-ho will be back on ‘The Heirs 2’

Lee Min-ho Is Excited To Work With His ‘Ideal Woman’ In ‘The Heirs 2’

While awaiting his military enlistment, Korean heartthrob Lee Min-ho will be reprising his role in The Heirs 2 alongside Descendants of the Sun actress Song Hye-kyo and The Heirs co-star and leading lady, Park Shin-hye.

Finally, Korean actors Lee Min-ho and Song Hye-kyo will become a couple in the upcoming sequel of the hit Korean drama series, The Heirs. The news of the pair starring together was confirmed by Poor Primadonna after rumors of The Heirs 2 hit the web. Rumors started that there was a better possibility of Lee Min-ho getting paired with Song Hye-kyo instead of Park Shin-hye, who was his original leading lady in The Heirs.

As reported by International Business Times, the Korean heartthrob is very excited to work alongside Song Hye-kyo, whom he considered his “ideal type” of woman to work with during an interview with ISplus back in March 2009. If the rumors prove true, this will be the very first time that Lee Min-ho and Song Hye-kyo will pair onscreen. It will also become a dream come true for The Legend of the Blue Sea actor to work with his ideal partner.

“I would like to work with my ideal type, Song Hye-kyo sunbae [senior].”

'Descendants of the Sun' actress Song Hye-kyo
Lee Min-ho considers Song Hye-kyo as his ‘ideal type.’ [Image by Chiang Ying-ying/AP Images]

Reports also have it that Park Shin-hye will not be reprising her role from The Heirs, although she will be part of the casting in The Heirs 2, but only because of being pressured by the fans. This will not be a problem for Lee Min-ho given that he’s been very vocal with his admiration to the Full House actress who will replace Park Shin-hye if she won’t really reprise her role. Korea Portal also reported that instead of Park Shin-hye, Lee Min-ho would want to work more with Song Hye-kyo, so fans who would like to see him with his original leading lady in the The Heirs might be in for a bit of a disappointment.

On a side note, the Bounty Hunters actor admitted from his interview a few years back that he might tremble and get nervous a lot around Song Hye-kyo if they ever get together for filming. As of this moment, there’s no confirmation yet from Lee Min-ho or Song Hye-kyo about their upcoming roles in The Heirs 2. However, Lee Min-ho has been clear that he still wants to do some filming while he was still waiting for his enlistment.

“Like any other actor leaving for the army, I am sad to be parting with everyone; however, it will only be for a short while. I would like to work on as many projects as I can before entering the military.”

Earlier, Lee Min-ho expressed his thoughts on his military enlistment as it approaches sometime this 2017, the Inquisitr learned. The exact date of his enlistment is still unknown, but Lee already said that he already feels sad due to the upcoming separation from his fans. To fulfill his promise of keeping himself busy while waiting for his enlistment, Lee Min-ho filmed an MBC documentary, DMZ: The Wild, and released a new song, “Always,” to express his desire to forever be with his fans.

'Bounty Hunters' actor Lee Min-ho
Lee Min-ho might reprise his role in ‘The Heirs 2’ with Song Hye-kyo. [Image by Ashley Pon/Getty Images]

Lee Min-ho’s management label MYM Entertainment released their official statement to stop rumors of the Bounty Hunters‘ impending military service. The South Korean actor is still waiting to be notified before he leaves to fulfill his civic duties. Due to his car accidents in 2006 and 2011 resulting in physical injuries, Lee Min-ho will not be participating in any strenuous combat position. Instead, he will serve as a public service officer.

Last year, the Inquisitr reported that a special fan page had been made in honor of Lee Min-ho and Song Hye-kyo, who were dubbed by fans as the “MinKyo magical couple.” Aside from avid fans of the South Korean heartthrobs, fellow actors also agree that the charisma of the Boys over Flowers actor and the Hotelier actress would be a hit onscreen. Both Lee Min-ho and Song Hye-kyo have made headlines with Song Hye-kyo’s performance in Descendants of the Sun, a South Korean military drama with her leading man, Song Joong-ki. On the other hand, Lee Min-ho’s recent movie, Bounty Hunters, received positive reviews from fans, especially in China.

[Featured Image by Kin Cheung/AP Images]