Harry Styles' Sign of the Times music video was shot in Scotland

Harry Styles’ ‘Sign Of The Times’ Music Video Shoot: 1D Star Hangs From A Helicopter

Harry Styles is all set for his new single, which he shot over the weekend, a new report stated. By the looks of it, the former One Direction star is literally taking it to a high level.

In a set of photos obtained by The Sun, the 23-year-old heartthrob was seen shooting a music video in Scotland for his debut single, “Sign of the Times.” It is considered Harry’s most-anticipated song after news of One Direction’s hiatus broke out two years ago. Fans have already predicted that Styles would release his solo material someday, and it turns out that day will come very soon.

It seems as if Harry Styles doesn’t want to disappoint his fans as he prepares for his dramatic comeback as a solo artist. In the photos, Styles was seen hanging from a helicopter 100 feet above the ground. According to the report, the Dunkirk breakout actor’s “Sign of the Times” music video project has been kept a secret.

To protect “Sign of the Times” from hackers and potential leaks, the reported five-minute song is placed on two iPods without an Internet connection. Apparently, the secret about the “Sign of the Times” project is now out; at least for the music video.

Styles has reportedly worked on the project for months just to produce “timeless quality.” He reportedly wants to let the world know that he is a musician who is serious about his work. A source told The Sun that Harry’s “Sign of the Times” is an art project that he is very much dedicated to.

“Harry isn’t a typical popstar. This is an art rock project – and he wants to let the music do the talking.

Harry Styles has shot a new music video for Sign of the Times
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Moreover, the source revealed that Harry is personally involved in the project, having written songs with lyrics that are based on his life events. Styles’ new music is also likened to David Bowie’s and Prince’s, and coincidentally, rumors suggest that he made the announcement about “Sign of the Times” on March 31, 30 years after Prince’s Sign O’ the Times album was released, Hits reported.

Harry Styles first teased about “Sign of the Times” on social media with cover art, the title of the song, and a date, which is April 7. It remains unclear what will happen on that day, but it is believed that Harry Styles will make his comeback as a solo artist official, E! News reported.

Styles is just one of the four One Direction members who have signed record deals as solo artists. Out of the original five, only Louis Tomlinson took a break from the music industry, although rumors had it that he is working on a project, Forbes reported.

Billboard first reported about Harry’s solo venture in summer 2016. The publication reported that he had signed a deal with the same label behind 1D, Columbia Records. A year prior, he had registered four solo songs with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. The songs include “5378 Miles,” “Coco,” Endlessly” and “Already Home.”

Harry Styles will soon debut Sign of the Times
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Meanwhile, after Harry Styles made the announcement for “Sign of the Times,” the former boyband member was praised for his role in the Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk, which hits big screens on July 21. The epic war film met with controversy when Styles was announced as part of the cast. Critics said that he only got the role because he was a famous musician.

However, Nolan, his castmate Cillian Murphy, and Dunkirk casting director, Jon Papsidera, all thought he was great for the role, and they said that Harry stood out among the thousand auditionees. The movie director himself said that Styles had “it.”

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