Erika Girardi ‘DWTS’

Erika Girardi ‘DWTS’: Why Cheating Rumors Will Haunt Her Despite Strong Marriage

Erika Girardi is a popular singer in the LGBTQ community, and fans love her. Despite being 45 years old, Erika knows how to perform, and she looks better in a catsuit than most 20-year olds. She’s currently competing on Dancing with the Stars with her pro partner, Gleb Savchenko, who also danced with Lisa Vanderpump. Girardi has revealed that he keeps her in shape in the dance studio. Despite being married, Erika may be the subject of cheating rumors, as this often happens when stars appear on Dancing with the Stars. But it sounds like Erika is ready for these rumors.

According to a new Bravo report, Erika Girardi revealed that her husband had been 100 percent supportive of her, even though he may not be in the audience every week to support her in person. Of course, Girardi’s husband is a popular lawyer, who is still working a lot these days despite being close to retirement age. But Erika Girardi doesn’t seem to care because she knows that her marriage is strong and can handle just about anything.

“Tom’s been 100 percent supportive, just like he is for Housewives,” Erika Girardi has revealed to Bravo‘s The Daily Dish, adding, “He does watch the show. No, Tom and I don’t dance together.”

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Of course, Erika is a hot lady, and she has a hot dance partner. It is only natural that she would face some cheating rumors, especially since her husband is constantly working. But Girardi is keeping the relationship with Gleb professional, revealing that they are working together as a team to win Dancing with the Stars.

“Every day we get better as a team,” Girardi has revealed about Gleb, according to Bravo, adding, “He has great ideas and he makes this one minute and fifteen seconds come to life. He creates a great story, so we enjoy it.”

Girardi is conquering the dance floor, and she has plenty of experience when it comes to shaking her booty. However, ballroom dancing is different from her work, so she does have a challenge in front of her. But Erika reveals that being a pop-star has definitely helped her out, as she knows how to dance to a beat.

“I think it’s helped [being a pop performer] because you’re definitely more comfortable than say others who haven’t,” Erika Girardi tells The Daily Dish, adding, “But it’s still very different and it’s still very intimidating in the ballroom, for sure. I’m completely out of my comfort zone, just like Gleb was saying. This is something completely different and it is difficult. So while those things have helped, there’s still a lot to go through.”


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As it turns out, Girardi also has time to bond with her competition. One can imagine that the stars will stick together and battle these rumors together if cheating rumors surface. Many other stars had faced cheating rumors, including Chris Soules, who was newly engaged when he went on the show. Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson also had a special bond, which resulted in rumors that Kym was cheating on her partner. Johnson and Robert have since married.

“I mean everybody’s been really nice and as the weeks have gone on, we’ve kind of gotten to know them a little bit more,” Erika continues, adding about her competition, “I mean Charo is a complete and total character. But everybody’s cool and it’s really nice to see your friendship grow. It is a fun cast. Charo’s intense.”

What do you think of Erika Girardi’s comments about her husband being supportive? Would you be surprised if she got caught up in cheating rumors?

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