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‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Chelsea’s Blindsided, Nick’s Worried, Billy’s Back, And Ravi’s Dejected

Fans are not going to want to miss Wednesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, as spoilers tease that it is going to be quite the buzzworthy episode. Nick has been determined to figure out the truth regarding Chloe’s potential involvement in Adam’s death. While Chelsea has been resistant to believe there’s any connection, Young and Restless spoilers share that she will be shaken to the core when she realizes that she’s been in denial. Also ahead during the April 5 show, Billy returns to Genoa City, and this leads to some charged moments with Victoria.

Young and the Restless spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Kevin will voice some concerns to Michael that something will disrupt his wedding, mostly suspecting that his mother Gloria will be the source of any trouble. Chelsea and Chloe will be at the penthouse talking about the bachelorette party and while they laugh over some of the drunkenness, they will also talk about Nick bringing up the night of Adam’s death.

Chloe will spend some time with Bella, talking about the upcoming wedding and how they’ll get away from Genoa City for a bit. She also talks about how they will be able to get away from the bad people who want to keep them from being happy, and Young and Restless spoilers detail that they’ll connect with Kevin via a video chat where he promises that he’ll be her daddy soon. After the call, she will leave a message for Chelsea, wondering what she’s doing.

Joshua Morrow plays Nick Newman on 'Young and Restless'
Nick is worried about the fallout from his continued digging on ‘Y&R.’ [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

Nick will be concerned about his relationship with Chelsea after she discovered that he’s still digging into the Chloe connection to Adam’s death. Young and Restless spoilers note that she’ll text him, wanting to meet up immediately. She catches up to him and tears into him, and things get heated until he finally pulls out what he found. She still isn’t convinced, however, and she puts him on notice that he’d better not disrupt the wedding.

Phyllis worked with Ravi to change his look so he could wow Ashley, but Young and Restless spoilers indicate that when he heads to her office, she won’t even notice. He’ll feel quite dejected over this, filling Phyllis in on how their efforts were a bust, and she will head to Ash’s office to blast her. Phyllis tells Ashley that Ravi was trying to impress her, and once Ash is alone, she thinks things over and soon calls Ravi back in and tells him that she’s taking him to a New York conference and the Met.

Billy returns to Genoa City from his meeting in Toronto, and Young and Restless spoilers note that she’ll be impressed that he closed the deal. They’ll talk about the kiss they shared, although she seemingly dismisses it as just a moment where they got swept away. Billy will suggest that they blow off work in order to spend time with the kids together, and he manages to convince her to say yes. They’ll cross paths with Phyllis as they head out, and it sounds as if Phyllis will be left feeling somewhat dismayed.

Scott and Victor will have some additional discussion on the book project, and Young and Restless spoilers detail that Scott will ask about Adam. Victor will express some regrets about how he handled things in the past and he will note that he wishes he hadn’t pit his children against one another. Soon, Nick arrives and talks to his father about his fight with Chelsea.

Greg Rikkart plays Kevin on 'Young and Restless'
Kevin is likely headed for heartbreak on ‘Y&R.’ [Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images]

Kevin continues to get ready for the wedding, and Chelsea reconnects with Chloe in her room. The two share a hug and some emotional moments, but Young and Restless spoilers tease that Chelsea will be left stunned when she searches for some aspirin during a moment alone in the room and comes across black gloves and Adam’s wedding ring. Fans will be left hanging at that point on Wednesday’s show, but Y&R teasers share that Chelsea won’t wait long to confront her friend.

At this point, it is looking as if Chloe did tamper with the propane tank that caused the cabin explosion and that Adam did die in the fire after all. If this is the case, it does change the story a bit, it would seem, from how things played out originally. Did Chloe really kill Adam and keep his ring as a souvenir or could there be additional twists on the way?

Soap Central details Young and Restless spoilers revealing that as the week continues, Nick will get a shocker from Victor and Kevin will be left blindsided as this all plays out, despite the drama related to Adam’s death that is now causing a lot of chaos for her. Viewers will see more regarding Victoria, Billy, Cane, and Juliet, and it sounds as if viewers shouldn’t count Chloe out quite yet. Young and the Restless spoilers tease that there are plenty of juicy moments still on the way and fans can’t wait to see where things head next.

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