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‘New Girl’ Season 6 Episode 22 [Spoilers]: Will There Be A Seventh Season? Liz Meriwether Answers

New Girl Season 6 episode 22, the last and final of Season 6, came out Tuesday night. It was titled “Five Stars for Beezus.” So far, it’s not known whether the series will continue to the seventh season, but from the looks of it, New Girl‘s sixth season’s final episode portrayed what could potentially be a perfect ending to the series and to the different stories of each character.

For example, Schmidt and Cece learn that they will have a baby. Winston, thanks to Aly, gets his father’s number and sends him a message, and Nick officially presents his book. This adds to other situations that occurred in past episodes, such as the revelation of Schmidt’s real name and the breakup between Nick and Reagan.

In fact, the end of that relationship provokes one of the most anticipated outcomes: Jess is determined to reveal her love for Nick, and he discovers that she is the right person. At the end of Episode 22 of New Girl, they meet in the elevator. “It all depends on the channel now,” Meriwether told the Hollywood Reporter. “They told us to prepare to finish or continue, so we created an end with both senses,” she added.

“We’re just looking forward to the seventh season. It’s complicated. We wanted to finish in a way that makes sense not only for fans and us, but also leave the door open for another season,” said Meriwether. “We love the show and we love the cast. For the past six years, I’ve always known what my next year will be. This is the first time that I have really no idea,” revealed the creator.

For his part, Jake Johnson, who plays Nick, confessed in March that he is not sure of a seventh season. “Fox will not tell us if the series is renewed, but we recorded an ending that, if it was the [finale], fans would be happy,” said the Daily Beast.

When it comes to confirming the seventh season, Meriwether detailed what she has in mind. “What excites me is that it would probably be the last one and we would know where it would go… Any version of Schmidt and Cece, whether it be the baby’s parent or even in pregnancy, would be a lot of fun for me,” she said. “Nick and Jess are still an unsolved riddle. Our writers are amazing and I know something will happen,” she added. The cliffhanger between Nick and Jess could possibly add up to the making of New Girl‘s seventh season.

With respect to what could happen in the hypothetical seventh season, Meriwether referred to a pregnancy, which the audience has already seen, and we were surprised by Schmidt and Cece at the end of Season 6.

“We could jump forward to where they already have the baby or continue with the pregnancy, which would be a lot of fun for me.” She has also stated that he would love to see the character of Nasim Pedrad again because “I love her when she meets [Morris] Lamorne.”

The final kiss of Jess and Nick was not something that had been prepared for a long time. “Knowing that we had Megan Fox, our plan was to use that relationship to distance Jess and Nick,” said the showrunner and explained that after so many seasons with so many ups and downs, “we felt this was the perfect moment, especially after finishing the previous season with Jess realizing that she felt things for him again.”

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