Paris Hilton Gets Real On Bottled Water, Wildlife Conservation, And Presidential Aspirations

Paris Hilton played a little prank on her fans. On April Fools Day, SodaStream released a bizarre ad that starred the socialite on taking a stand against bottled water. The video immediately went viral on social media and caused mass confusion. Paris has made it clear that she no longer wants to be seen as a dumb blonde. However, does that mean she wants to rule the world?

In a new ad campaign for SodaStream, she takes on the role of head scientist at the Paris Hilton Institute for Plastic Pollution Solutions. She’s seen wearing a pink leopard print lab coat and pink dress as she reveals that she wants to “invent a miracle that will cure the world” from bottled water.

“Think how stupid and how 2003 you look carrying your sparkling water home from the store,” she says in the ad.

Hilton spoke to People about filming the ad. She revealed that it was not only “so fun,” but it was also an eye-opening experience.

paris hilton wants to be taken more seriously
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“I just learned so much that I never knew before,” she said. “People don’t realize what they’re doing to our planet and what’s going to happen one day if they don’t stop. It’s killing animals in the ocean, it’s polluting the earth, and it’s unnecessary.”

“I think a lot of people might not know that I have that fun side to me,” she added. “I wanted to have fun with myself and make people laugh and entertain people. Doing things like this really does raise awareness in a fun, positive way.”

Because of this very quote, the Mail Online dubbed Paris as a “wildlife warrior.” It’s obvious that the fragrance entrepreneur cares about animals. She’s often seen showing off her pets on her social media accounts. While Paris’s video for SodaStream was clearly a joke, she’s not joking about her latest pursuit.

“We have such a beautiful planet and people are destroying it with all of the plastic bottles that are being used,” Hilton said. “If something is not done soon we are not going to have a beautiful planet for our children and the next generation to enjoy. Doing charity work and being a philanthropist is something that has been instilled in me ever since I was a little girl.”

#BossBabe ????

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Her fans have been begging her to release a follow-up to her 2006 debut album, Paris. She hinted that she has new music coming soon and that she has been writing and producing music amid her DJ gigs. Just don’t expect Paris to return to reality TV anytime soon. She’s done with that point in her life.

“I have production companies all around the world pitching me ideas to get back into reality, but I just feel like you can’t top Simple Life,” she told People. “Plus, I just don’t really like the term ‘reality star.’ I feel much more proud as a businesswoman.”

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Hilton wants to make it clear that she’s not a dumb blonde. In her sit-down interview with the New York Post, she said that she would rather be a businesswoman than to go out and club in the early morning hours. If Hilton ever runs for president, she said her slogan would be “Make America Hot Again.”

This is one of the most important election's of our lifetime! Every vote makes a difference! Everyone please get out and #VOTE! ✨????????✨

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But, she admits that she was only joking when she previously admitted that she would paint the White House pink. Paris said that she would love to be married someday with kids. For now, she stays home and cooks for her boyfriend, Chris Zylka. They live together inside Paris’s Beverly Hills house, which was featured in Sofia Coppola’s thrilling movie, The Bling Ring.

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