Melania Trump Takes Charge: First Lady Brings Glamour Back Into The White House

When Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, Melania Trump might not have been prepared for how much her life would change. She was faced with the hard decision to move to the White House immediately or to stay in New York City with her son, Barron, until June so he could finish the school year with his friends. She decided to stay in New York City, and she is making plans to move to Washington, D.C., in mid-June.

According to OK! Magazine, Melania is now preparing to step into the role of first lady and advisor to her husband of 12 years. Donald has praised Melania over and over for being a great mother and wife. Sources close to Trump stated that the POTUS will be elated when his wife and son finally move into the White House in the next few months.

Trump plans to focus her energy on being the best first lady she can be. A source close to the Trumps said that Melania might be slightly shy and prefers not to be in the spotlight, but over the past few months, she’s proven when she can rise to the challenge for her husband.

During the campaign trail, Trump would faint at the thought of making a national speech, the Trump insider revealed. However, when Donald asked her to deliver a speech just six days after he won the election, she came through.

“She didn’t hesitate to do her part for Donald.”

Melania’s parents worked as factory workers when she was growing up. They provided her with a stable home, but they weren’t wealthy by any means. Melania was determined to do better for herself and pursued a degree in design before landing a contract as a model.

Melania Trump's FLOTUS portrait displayed in the White House.

Trump signed a contract with a model agency in Milan before she eventually landed a contract in New York City. Her NYC contract landed her on the cover of national fashion magazines. At the age of 28, she met her husband at a Fashion Week party.

At first, Melania declined the billionaire’s request for her phone number, but he persisted; eventually, she gave it to her. According to the Week, they dated for six years before finally tying the knot.

By the time Melania married Donald, she had traveled the world as a model, picked up six languages, and became a well-established businesswoman.

Melania revealed before Donald won the 2016 election that she hoped to take on a traditional first lady persona similar to Jackie Kennedy and Betty Ford. Like Kennedy, Melania has a flair for interior design and will likely redesign parts of the White House to feel more at home.

Many people have compared the Trump family to the Kennedys in that Donald’s children and grandchildren are often visiting him at the White House.

“It’s like a return to Camelot,” a source said.

Melania and Barron will move to the White House in June. However, until then, she plans to travel from New York City and Washington, D.C.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump

“The plan is ultimately for the family to be together in Washington and Barron will go to another school next year,” the Trump source revealed.

Trump first priority is her role as a mother to Barron, but she plans to focus her energy on combatting cyberbullying. It is something that she feels very strongly about because Barron has been the subject of vicious cyber bullies in the past few months.

“As the first lady, Melania is committed to educating and inspiring people to be kinder and gentler with others.”

Do you think Melania Trump is doing a good job as the first lady? Do you think she and Barron will ever move to the White House?

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