JetBlue Flight Attendant Charged In Alleged iPhone Theft

New York City, NY — An off-duty JetBlue flight attendant allegedly helped her boyfriend steal another passenger’s iPhone at a security checkpoint at JFK Airport Friday night according to police.

The New York Post has the details on the alleged iPhone theft:

“A uniformed JetBlue flight attendant catching an off-duty free ride to Puerto Rico was arrested at JFK Airport over an iPhone her boyfriend swiped from another traveler, police said.

“Stacy-Ann Smith, 27, and her beau, Jason McCaulay, 23, both of Hollis, Queens, were waiting to go through security for a jaunt to Aguadilla, PR, at about 11 p.m. Friday when McCaulay allegedly snatched an iPhone 4S left in a bin by a traveler.”

A few minutes later, the true iPhone owner — who had left the phone in the bin as he went through the metal detector — alerted a TSA agent to his missing device, and Port Authority police officers (who have jurisdiction at JFK) were called in. The cops apparently saw the boyfriend on surveillance video taking the phone.

According to the Post, he then allegedly slipped the phone in the flight attendant’s pocket as the cops approached him. After detaining him, officers spotted Smith ducking into the ladies room where they found the phone in a toilet-seat-cover dispenser. Smith allegedly later admitted leaving the phone in the bathroom stall.

The flight attendant was released on a desk-appearance ticket while her boyfriend was charged with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. He was being held for arraignment at Queens Criminal Court.

Do you think this episode reflects poorly on JetBlue as an organization or is it just an isolated incident?