A leaked 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 85 summary teases what appears to be the return of a slimmer, stronger Majin Buu.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 85 Spoilers: Buu Slims Down, Super Buu To Return?

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

The latest leaked summaries for the next two episodes of Dragon Ball Super have been released, and they are pretty interesting. Apart from additional information on this week’s episode, a new summary teasing the events of DBS Episode 86 has managed to set the anime’s fanbase on fire. While other details about Ep 86 have not been revealed, it appears that Dragon Ball Super is preparing to have one of the most iconic DBZ characters return for the Tournament of Power.

The new summaries, translated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship, cover the episodes for April 2 and April 9. While summaries of the April 2 episode “Son Goku the Talent Scout: Inviting Kuririn and No.18” have been around for some time, the new teasers have given some additional information on what would transpire in Dragon Ball Super this coming Sunday.

“In order to gather team members for the “Tournament of Power,” Goku and Gohan first visit Krillin. While Krillin agrees to participate, No.18 refuses, so Goku lies and says that there’s a 10 million zenny prize if they win.”

Unlike previous summaries of Dragon Ball Super Episode 84, the new leaks state that Krillin would be more than willing to participate in the Tournament of Power. His wife, the more powerful Android 18, however, would appear to be more hesitant. Thus, Goku would plain out lie and tell her that there is a huge cash prize waiting for the winner of the Tournament of Power. The reason why Goku would not just tell her and Krillin the truth is a mystery, but the anime would most likely use this development as a point of humor in the following episodes in the Universe Survival Arc.

Things, however, get a lot more interesting with the leaked summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 85, “The Universe Gets Into Gear: Each One’s Thoughts,” which would be airing on April 9. Previous summaries for this episode have already teased the gathering of Kaioshins from the DB Multiverse, but the new batch of leaks have revealed that something far more interesting would transpire in Ep 85 as well.

“While heading over to God’s [Dende’s] temple to look for No. 17, Goku spots Majin Buu. He ends up sparring with Buu, who’s slimmed down after training non-stop for the tournament.”

Immediately noticeable in the leaked summary was the statement about Majin Buu’s weight. Since being released, fans of the anime have remarked that the premise of a slimmed-down Buu is fascinating, especially since the pink fighter has never actually been revealed to need any training at all since debuting in the franchise. After his defeat in Dragon Ball Z, Buu has pretty much been a classic anime glutton, consuming tons of food and maintaining his (very round) figure.

As it turns out, however, it seems like Buu is actually putting in the effort to get stronger and more fit for the Tournament of Power. While unheard of, his training makes perfect sense, especially considering what happened to his friend, Mr. Satan, during the recently concluded Zen Exhibition Match. During Buu’s battle with Basil of Universe 9, Mr. Satan ended up getting injured partly because the pink fighter was not taking the fight seriously enough. Thus, to avoid similar things from happening again, Buu might finally find enough motivation to train.

'Dragon Ball Super' is well into its most ambitious saga to date, the Universe Survival Arc.
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What is even more interesting, however, is how Buu would appear once he is slimmed down. So far, the only time the fighter really lost weight was when he turned evil and transformed into Super Buu back in DBZ. Considering Dragon Ball Super‘s tendency to offer a lot of fanservice, however, there is a pretty good chance that Buu might fight in the Tournament as Super Buu, without his evil tendencies, of course.

The idea of a good Super Buu fighting alongside Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and the rest of the Universe 7 fighters is one thing that has definitely managed to strike the interest of both new and longtime fans of the DB franchise. Face turns have always been a trademark of Dragon Ball, after all, and there is no better way to prove this further than to have one of the strongest villains in DBZ come back as an ally for the Tournament of Power.

Of course, Buu’s weight loss could simply be temporary, as the character was featured as his usual plump self in Dragon Ball Super‘s new opening sequence. Then again, Toei Animation is prone to making errors, and opening sequences in anime are known to change as a story arc progresses. For now, at least, it remains to be seen if everyone’s favorite pink fighter enters the Tournament of Power as a plumpy warrior, or as a ripped, daunting bruiser that once struck fear into the hearts of the most formidable Z fighters.

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