Celine Dion reportedly acts like a diva on "The Voice."

Celine Dion And Gwen Stefani Reportedly Act Like Nightmare Divas On ‘The Voice’

When The Voice first began, it attracted viewers fascinated by the concept of singers being rated only for their musical ability rather than their appearance. As for the celebrity coaches who chose which participants made it onto The Voice, they played a background role in their over-sized red chairs. Fast-forward a dozen seasons, however, and one of those coaches, Gwen Stefani, along with the famous songstress who’s working with her, Celine Dion, is being accused of acting like a nightmare version of a diva.

Mentors for The Voice show up every season, but when Dion walked onto the set of The Voice to take on the role as Team Gwen’s mentor, she reportedly behaved with “the epitome of diva behavior,” according to a source quoted by Celebrity Insider.

“Celine acted like she was a superstar the moment she walked on set to tape her episodes.”

Dion allegedly acted as if she owned the stage, noted the source, who also alleged that the famous songstress was “arrogant.” Celine reportedly complained about various aspects of working on the singing competition, making it challenging for those attempting to film the show.

Celine Dion allegedly behaves like an entitled diva on "The Voice."
Celine Dion allegedly behaves like an entitled diva on “The Voice.” [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

In addition, the insider stated that Dion took her entire squad to The Voice set, but still became known for constantly complaining about the filming process.

“She got the royal treatment and, of course, brought an entire entourage of people with her,” said the source. “She had to do several retakes and complained about everything from her hair and make-up, to the outfit that was chosen for her.”

The insider also alleged that Celine had an air of entitlement and was not kind to the production crew.

“[Celine] was extremely entitled and was just not friendly or welcoming to the production crew at all!”

But Dion reportedly isn’t the only one behaving like a diva on the singing competition. While Celine is allegedly annoying some of the production crew with her behavior, it’s the woman with whom Dion is working as a mentor, Gwen Stefani, who also has reportedly earned a reputation as a diva.

“Diva” Stefani is a “nightmare” for those working on The Voice, a source close to production told Radar Online.

Gwen Stefani reportedly is annoying staff members on "The Voice."
Gwen Stefani reportedly is annoying staff members on “The Voice.” [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MasterCard]

Staff members assigned to work on the singing competition allegedly were frustrated with Stefani even before season 12 debuted, said the insider.

“Gwen has been butting heads with so many people.”

Viewers watched Gwen and Blake Shelton begin their romance on The Voice following their highly publicized divorces. Although Miley Cyrus replaced Stefani last season, now Gwen is back and allegedly earning big bucks with Blake to flaunt their love on air, according to the media outlet.

But even Shelton seemed to think that his girlfriend had gone too far when she boasted about their “hookup” on The Voice.

“I just did a country song. With Blake Shelton. I got the hookup!”

Blake immediately snapped at the statement.

“That is so inappropriate to talk about us hooking up!” retorted Shelton.

As for how crew members feel about the couple’s repeated flaunting of their affair on the singing competition show, they allegedly are getting fed up, according to the insider, who also revealed that Stefani appears to have changed since her romance with Blake blossomed.

“Sometimes Gwen seems like a completely different person that she used to be before she and Blake became super serious,” added the source.

Stefani once was the favored coach on The Voice, revealed the insider. Now, however, allegations about her behavior are similar to those reported complaints about Celine Dion.

“[Gwen] used to be everyone’s favorite and now a lot of people can’t stand her because sometimes she acts like she owns the show and they are lucky to have her,” added the source.

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