'Grey's Anatomy fans celebrate 12 years of Grey's with #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Turns 12: Fans Celebrate With #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy Memories

Grey’s Anatomy is turning 12, and fans of the long-running medical drama celebrated the huge milestone with a slew of messages and memories on social media.

Grey’s Anatomy viewers flocked to Twitter to share some of their favorite memories from the past 12 years of the ABC drama, which is currently airing its 13th Season, as a number of viewers posted memes, photos, and GIFs in celebration of the Ellen Pompeo-led drama’s big birthday, tweeting out a whole lot of love for the show that first graced TV screens on March 27, 2005.

“12 years ago, on March 27th, 2005 the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy came out #12YearsOfGreys #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy,” Grey’s fan @joyfulgreys tweeted out in celebration of the show’s 12th anniversary, alongside a number of stills from the pilot episode.

“To the show that changed my life: thank you. #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy,” fan @GeneralGoddess tweeted to celebrate Grey’s Anatomy’s big milestone, which is a huge accomplishment within the world of TV.

Meanwhile, @capshawsheart added, “12 years of tears, smiles, awesomeness and love. [Heart emoji] #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy.”

“12 years. 13 seasons. 286 episodes and 92736366 deaths. This will forever be my favorite cast! [heart emoji] #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy,” @merxshepherd tweeted out as fans shared some of their favorite memories from the past 12 years.

'Grey's Anatomy fans share their favorite Grey's memories to celebrate #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy
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Other fans took the opportunity to joke about Grey’s ever-revolving cast, which seems to evolve every season. Grey’s Anatomy has had a number of shocking deaths and exits since the popular ABC drama first premiered and gave fans their first look inside Grey Sloan Memorial in 2005.

“#12YearsOfGreysAnatomy still going strong despite killing off nearly everyone,” @TvvitterGod1 joked.

Grey’s fan @dauthuyanh2201 wrote of the big birthday, “To think about it, I don’t think I can ever be over with all those characters’ deaths on this show #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy,” before joking that it felt like Grey’s had actually had “92736366 deaths” over the past 12 years as so many characters have died since Grey’s first debuted.

While the cast of Grey’s Anatomy haven’t posted on social media as fans continue to celebrate the big TV milestone by sharing some of their favorite memories online, viewers taking to Twitter to spread the love for Grey’s comes shortly after the cast and crew gushed over the drama’s 13-season run during a recent appearance at Paley Fest.

Grey’s Anatomy actress and director Debbie Allen paid tribute to Grey’s during the panel, claiming that the series has been “saving lives” for 12 years and 13 seasons.

“It’s about characters that are real and real life stories,” Allen said of why she believes Grey’s Anatomy is still going strong and is such a hit with fans 12 years after it first premiered on ABC per Variety. “Our writers look at journals for cutting edge medical stories. Our show is saving lives every week.”

'Grey's Anatomy' Turns 12 - Fans Celebrate With #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy Memories
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And Grey’s Anatomy isn’t about to slow down anytime soon as fans continue to share their memories with the hashtag #12YearsOfGreysAnatomy, as Kevin McKidd recently teased that there’s more drama to come before Season 13 wraps later this month.

The Grey’s actor, who plays Owen Hunt, recently teased what’s ahead in the Season 13 finale set to air this May, admitting that things will get “dramatic” and “intense” for the characters when the show draws to a close for another season.

Calling the Season 13 finale of Grey’s Anatomy a “big episode,” Kevin told TV Line last week that the upcoming Grey’s finale will be “pretty dramatic and pretty intense” while also revealing that things will also get “pretty dark and very good” for the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial.

“Debbie [Allen’s] going to direct it, and it’s going to be amazing,” he continued ahead of the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 finale in the new interview prior to fans celebration of the drama’s 12th anniversary. “It’s leading toward something pretty intense.”

Do you have any memories of Grey’s Anatomy to celebrate the show’s 12th birthday? Leave them in the comments.

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