‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Flips Over Friz Move-In Plans

Jason wants Franco away from Jake

General Hospital spoilers for next week show Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) completely losing his cool with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) over the couple’s plans for their future together. Jason is so enraged, he might do the worst thing for his son with Liz if his ex and her boyfriend Franco can’t talk sense into Jason, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.

Friz Plans Hit A Wall

We saw on Thursday and Friday’s General Hospital Franco and Liz happily making plans to move in together. They were giddy with excitement until Jason knocked on Liz’s door to return Jake Webber’s (Hudson West) baseball glove. Jason throws cold water on their cohabitation plans say the latest General Hospital spoilers and is he wrong for throwing a fit? Maybe. Maybe not.

JaSam fans will say Liz has no right to bring Franco around Jason’s son because Franco tormented Jason and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco). Fans of General Hospital history know Franco crashed Jason and Sam’s honeymoon (a long time ago), tied up Jason and left him watching a video monitor while Franco pretended he was raping a drugged out Sam. It was dark material on General Hospital.

Can A Serial Killer Be Redeemed?

What Franco did to Jason and Sam was terrible and nearly unforgivable. Then again, Friz fans will tell you that Franco is not that person anymore. General Hospital has shown us he’s truly changed and is not the unhinged lunatic that stalked Jason and made him and Sam miserable. General Hospital spoilers have proved that removing the brain tumor really changed the man but didn’t change his messy history.

But we’ve also seen on General Hospital that Jason used to be a stone cold assassin with little regard for who he killed so long as he justified it in his mind. Jason also had his brain changed, and he’s no longer a killer. It’s true that Jason never did anything as awful as Franco with the fake rape, but Jason does have a much higher body count than Franco per General Hospital history. Yes, both men have changed.

Jason Threatens To Take Jake

On Friday’s General Hospital, you could tell from the moment Jason showed up and saw Franco there that things were going to get ugly, and then he was even more upset when he saw the Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) creepy Jake book out on the coffee table. Rather than giving Liz a chance to talk, Jason began making accusations and being a bit of a bully as Friday’s General Hospital closed.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s GH show Jason discovers Liz has invited Franco to move in and also that Franco has been doing art therapy with Jake. Jason doesn’t slow his roll a bit to hear what’s going on with Jake. General Hospital spoilers say Jason will tell Liz that if Franco is going to be spending more time at her house then Jake should spend less time there. Liz is stunned.

Franco Changes The Game?

General Hospital spoilers say Jason’s threat scares Liz, and she begins to rethink whether she and Franco should take the next step right now. Liz’s primary concern is Jake’s well-being, and she needs Jason to focus on that too. Franco won’t like Jason threatening Liz, and General Hospital spoilers reveal Franco does something about it.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central say Jason is ready to go to any lengths to protect his family, and he sees Franco as a threat but Franco changes the game. General Hospital spoilers from an ABC Soaps in Depth photo show Franco down on one knee in front of Liz at GH. It looks like Franco may propose so he can stay in her life and Jake’s.

If Franco proposes, will Liz say yes? And will Jason lose it if Franco is set to become Jake’s official step-father? All this is leading up to the Cassadine Island adventure with Jason and Friz journeying to Greece to get answers about Jake while Sam is left behind, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.

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