Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently clarified a number of speculations regarding the company's latest EV, the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Is The iPhone SE Of EVs: Five Big Facts Revealed By Musk

Tesla shook the EV world when it announced its first-ever low-cost car for the everyman, the Model 3. Considering the fact that the Model 3 is the company’s newest vehicle, rumors about the upcoming electric vehicle have consistently trickled down, and over the past few months, the nature of these rumors escalated significantly. Eventually, speculations were suggesting that the Model 3 would be so advanced, it would actually improve upon the Model S, the company’s flagship vehicle.

Not to let misconceptions go uncorrected, billionaire entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a number of statements through Twitter regarding the Model 3’s features and specs, according to a BGR report. According to the Tesla CEO, the Model 3 would not be an improvement over the Model S. Instead, it would remain as a more compact, far more affordable version of the company’s flagship vehicle.

“Model 3 is just a smaller, more affordable version of Model S w less range & power & fewer features. Model S has more advanced technology,” Musk stated.

With Musk’s clarifications in mind, numerous fans noted that in a lot of ways, the Model 3 is the iPhone SE of Tesla. It would have formidable features and the latest technology that the company could offer, but it would, at its core, remain as an entry-level vehicle. This is not to say that the Model 3 would be underwhelming, however. On the contrary, the upcoming vehicle would most likely meet the hype and expectation surrounding it since it was unveiled last year.

Nevertheless, Musk has managed to give a few more concrete details about the Model 3 in his recent interactions with Tesla fans on Twitter. Here are five big Model 3 facts that have been confirmed by the CEO, as reported by Fortune.

  • The Tesla Model 3 would have Autopilot features, but not all models would be equipped with the technology. This has already been stated since the EV was unveiled last year, with Tesla stating that Autopilot would be an add-on to the budget electric vehicle.
  • The Tesla Model 3 would be exclusively RWD, at least during its initial run. According to Musk, an AWD variant for the Model 3 is definitely in Tesla’s plan for the near future. However, the EV maker is currently focusing on producing as many units as possible. Thus, the Model 3 would be offed only as a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, at least for now. Musk, however, stated that a performance variant of the Model 3 would eventually be offered to customers.
  • Musk is confident that the Tesla Model 3 would be able to meet the bar set by the Chevy Bolt EV. The electric vehicle from Chevrolet has been critically-acclaimed for its massive range, which could reach up to 238 miles on a single charge, as well as its similar price point to the Model 3. When asked if the Model 3 could hold a candle to the Chevy Bolt EV’s performance and range, Musk simply responded simply with “Oh, so little faith.”
  • The Tesla Model 3 would have a large trunk. According to Musk, the upcoming EV would easily be able to fit a large cooler in the trunk of the upcoming electric vehicle. This has been appreciated greatly by Tesla fans, especially since trunk spaces are among the most notable concerns of potential sedan buyers.
  • The Tesla Model 3’s dashboard would not be as futuristic as rumors paint it to be. Recent rumors have stated that the Model 3 might feature a heads-up display for its dashboard. According to Musk, however, this would not be the case. The Model 3 would only have a single display, which would come in the form of the massive center console featured in the vehicle’s early prototypes.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]