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WWE News: Real Reason Why The Undertaker Was Never ‘The Face’ Of WWE

Many in the WWE Universe consider The Undertaker to be the greatest WWE Superstar of all time based on several different qualities, but there are a few reasons why he never became “the face” of WWE. Recently, he revealed that his break into the industry was based on following his passion and being at the right place at the right time. He just happened to cross Fritz Von Erich, which set off a chain of events to the present day.

His spectacular success in WWE has come from his longevity, the strength of his gimmick, and developing into the best big man in the history of the business. Many people will credit, “The Streak” as the long-term instrument of his success, but his legacy is defined by twenty-six years of wrestling, respect of his peers, and the admiration of the WWE Universe. If Wrestlemania 33 turns out to be his last ride, he’s earned the right.

Despite all his accomplishments in the WWE, the powers that never had The Undertaker in a position to be the “poster boy” for the company. He’s always been a top guy, but Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and others have been the players pushed into the top spot in WWE. Meanwhile, Undertaker has been consistently at the top as the company goes from having one face of the WWE to the next.

There Are Still Several Possible Opponents For The Undertaker at Wrestlemania
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After all these years, The Undertaker could be considered the unofficial face of WWE. However, the powers that be never gave him the official role in the company. Obviously, there have been chances to do so in the last twenty-six years. However, there are specific reasons why The Undertaker didn’t become the top guy.

The fact is having The Undertaker on the roster made WWE officials look elsewhere for the top guy because they knew he was there to help carry the company. When he first came into WWE in 1990, Hulk Hogan was in the prime of Hulkamania. After he left the company, The Deadman was pivotal to the transition into the Stone Cold era along with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. WWE officials just listened to the fans at the time.

No one can deny that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the right guy, but that leads us through the “Attitude Era” and into the early 2000’s where WWE had a chance to push The Undertaker into the top spot. However, the combination of Batista, Brock Lesnar, and HHH took WWE into the John Cena era, which eventually takes us to the present day. On paper, WWE officials found a role for The Undertaker and it didn’t stop working.

The Undertaker Never Became The Guy
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In fact, it’s a huge testament to The Undertaker that he could be this accomplished, this respected, and have these many years in WWE without ever being the top guy in the company. If there is one constant in WWE, it’s The Undertaker. Now, he’s set to face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33. The expectation is Roman will be the next guy that Undertaker puts over. Only this time, it could be the last thing he does in this business.

Frankly, twenty-six years of wrestling has taken its toll on The Undertaker’s body. WWE officials have some major health concerns for him heading into Orlando and so does the WWE Universe. WWE fans want to see him end his career on his own terms. The last thing they want to see is him end his career in similar fashion to Sting. The Undertaker was never the “top guy,” but it also makes him more important in WWE history.

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