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Courtney Stodden Shows Off Her Curves, Natural Hair, And Lingerie

Courtney Stodden is never shy about showing off her curves. The reality star always takes the opportunity show off her body on social media and in paparazzi photos. The newly single buxom blonde has been showing off her body more and more on social media. She’s also been displaying her curves and natural hair on social media along with revealing her unmentionables in recent paparazzi pics.

Freedom #beach photo by the sexy @williamknightt

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According to, the 22-year-old model took to Instagram to show off her body and to mimic her idol, Marilyn Monroe. In the photo, Stodden is seen posing in a white bodysuit as she shows off her behind and looks over her shoulder at the camera.

Starting summer early! #onepieceswimsuit

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“Starting summer early! #onepieceswimsuit,” Stodden wrote in the caption.

Then, she followed up with a front view of her new swimsuit. This photo is a little more playful with Courtney twirling her hair and showing off a little cleavage. These new photos come after Courtney revealed she was trying on happiness after her split from her husband of six years Doug Hutchison.

Starting summer early! #onepieceswimsuit

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Stodden took to Instagram to share a selfie of herself. In the photo, she’s not seducing the camera or giving duck lips. Instead, Stodden is seen cracking her gorgeous 100-watt smile as she rocks a gold sequin bikini top.

“Trying on happy for a change #smile,” she wrote. In another photo, she wrote, “Mischevious.”

Trying on happy for a change #smile

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Then, she followed up with a racy mirror selfie of her sparkly bikini. Stodden was seen wearing the skimpy gold bikini that had beads on the bikini top while the briefs feature ties.

Back in January, Courtney confirmed her split from Doug but revealed that the two were still living together. Courtney and Doug met while she was still a minor and needed her mother’s permission to marry the actor, which happened back in 2011. She became known as a teen bride. In 2013, the couple split and underwent a brief separation period for Courtney to explore her sexuality and date other men, but she found she was happiest with Doug.

The starlet also opened up to Us Weekly about being bisexual and how there were “warning signs” in their relationship.

“Technically we have been split for maybe two and a half, three months now. So, it’s really recent, and the emotions are really still raw.”

Stodden is attempting to live the single life as she was seen moving from her Los Angeles apartment to a hotel following their split. The reality star was spotted with her dog Cupcake and a box marked “puppy supplies” as she was seen taking her belongings to her car, reports The Sun. Stodden was photographed wearing a white crochet bikini top with white shorts and nude Christian Louboutin pumps.

Moments later, she emerged with another box marked “Panties etc.” She tripped in her heels as the box landed on the floor and her unmentionables fell out. She took her time picking her thongs up and lacy panties up off the floor as the paparazzi snapped photos of her.

It’s not just her curves that she’s been showing off lately. Courtney has also been showing off her natural hair. On Saturday evening (March 25), she took to Instagram to show off her natural hair length since she shaved her hair off. In the photo, as seen below, Courtney rocks a black camisole with her platinum blonde locks styled in a half-up hairdo.

Real hair since shaving it off #untouched #nofilter

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She previously revealed that she “regrets” shaving her head following her miscarriage last year, reports The Sun. The former Celebrity Big Brother star was “feeling lost” and said that shaving off all of her hair wasn’t the solution to her problem.

“I’m just feeling a little lost right now. I thought shaving my head would give me some kind of relief from the pain I’ve been experiencing… but it hasn’t. I’m wearing wigs in order to try and make myself feel like I used to feel before all of this stuff happened. I almost feel like I’m trying to find myself all over again… or maybe find myself for the first time in my life. I don’t know.”

Stodden decided to shave all of her hair off as a “symbolic gesture” after suffering from her miscarriage. She was believed to be around three months pregnant with her 56-year-old husband’s baby when it was revealed that she lost the child.

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