Comedian George Lopez Backs Up Quip About ‘Pimping Out’ Ivanka Trump [Video]

george lopez ivanka trump

A pattern of misogyny from comedian George Lopez has started to form following the actor’s recent confirmation of a joke he made on Instagram regarding Ivanka Trump.

While entering Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Friday afternoon, the 55-year-old funnyman was asked by a TMZ personality about his response to a quip made by one of his followers on the social media app that regarded the daughter of Donald Trump as a low-rent prostitute (the post has since been deleted).

“I don’t regret anything,” Lopez remarked to the interviewer.

“And what comment? It’s two words!”

The two words in question, “she’s ready,” were seemingly in response to a comment made by one of Lopez’s Instagram followers, who initially inquired on a video of two dogs mating, if the first daughter was suitable enough to be rented out as a prostitute on the Craigslist-like site Backpage.

“Yo, [George Lopez],” the fan began, “when [are] we gonna pimp Ivanka, because Backpage is calling her name right now,” to which Lopez then offered his controversial reply.

When pushed further by the reporter, who noted the overall interaction as being “disparaging,” while also reminding Lopez of the time he defended Ivanka after she was berated on a JetBlue flight last December, as the Inquisitr reported, the entertainer appeared to take offense over the fact that the matter was being brought to his attention at all.

“You know what, this country is disparaging,” Lopez retorted.

“Unfortunately, some people get hurt. Listen, do you think everything has to be one way, that you can’t favor somebody, then criticize them the next day? Those are part of the freedoms that we get in this country! If you want to live in a f***ing world where everybody’s kissing your a**,” he continued, “then you’re in the wrong country.”

The entire interaction can be seen below. Please be advised that the following video contains strong language.

While Lopez is admittedly well within his rights to chastise anyone he pleases, including Ivanka Trump, it is not the first time he has been called out for specifically spewing his vitriol toward women.

In February of this year, while performing a stand-up routine in Phoenix that included a section on interracial relationships in Mexican families or more specifically, the contempt that full-blooded Mexican-Americans are said to have with African-Americans who date Mexican-Americans, a female audience member took affront to George’s comments and proceeded to exit from the theater.

george lopez ivanka trump

When Lopez witnessed her negative reaction, he immediately changed topics and started berating the woman, before having her forcibly removed from the establishment.

“Sit your f***ing a** down,” he demanded.

“[If] you can’t take a joke, [then] you’re in the wrong motherf***ing place, sit your f***ing a** down or get the f*** out of here.”

When she didn’t move fast enough, George had audience security physically escort the publicly unnamed woman from her row to the exit doors.

“I’ll tell you what,” he went on, “I’ll make the choice for you. Get the f**k out of here. Get the f** out of here. Get the f**k out of here. I’ll make the choice for you.”

In response to the minor backlash that followed the incident being publicized, Lopez would once again use Instagram to express his non-apologetic feelings on the contentious interaction.

“This is what happens when you try to become a part of the show,” George stated alongside an explicit clip of the sketch comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David.

He would get more specific on the matter in another Instagram post a few days later.

“Sensitivity is at an all-time high,” Lopez wrote, “[and] unfortunately, so is insensitivity. Decide who you are and follow that path [but] don’t worry about me, ’cause I’m not worried about you!”

George’s current sitcom, Lopez, was renewed for a second season in June of last year, according to a report from Variety. Ivanka Trump and reps for TV Land, which airs the series, have yet to comment on George Lopez’s latest remarks.

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