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Jenelle Evans Talks New Home: Here’s Why You Haven’t Seen It Yet

Jenelle Evans has been working on getting her life back together after having a few bad years. Not only did she get married to Courtland Rogers, which failed after he was arrested with drugs on him, but she also struggled to prove to the courts that she was ready to get Jace back from her mother. Evans has revealed that she wanted to change her life around and she would be thrilled to get her son back. And now, she’s been working hard on creating a safe environment for him.

Evans got engaged to David Eason recently, and she gave birth in January to their first child together. They both have children with other people, but this is their first child as they are building a life together. Plus, they have been building their dream home and she shared the property on Teen Mom 2. It’s a secluded area, where she can get some privacy. For years, Evans struggled with fans showing up at her house and her neighbors calling the cops on her. People who had a dislike for her, would even contact Child Protective Services to remove her children.

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According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing why fans haven’t seen the home yet. Apparently, she has been working on the home and designing every detail inside. She also revealed that it is a modular home, which means that it is prebuilt in a factory and then it is assembled on the property. It isn’t a home she is renovating herself, or a mobile home.

“Is ur new home a modular home? We’ve been looking at them and yours is super nice!! Is it good quality!??” one person asked Jenelle on Twitter, as she had been gushing about her new home without showing any pictures, to which Evans replied, “Yessss ma’am! Love it! I’ll show everyone a walk through soon. Haven’t got everything setup yet.”

Many fans were confused about what a modular home was. While Jenelle Evans didn’t clarify what kind of home she had purchased, one Twitter user did explain that Evans and David Eason had designed the home prior to the home being built. And one can imagine they are super excited to live in a custom home.

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“It’s a home that is built in a factory, then assembled on your property. Not the same as a mobile home,” one person clarified after someone asked about what a modular home is, to which another person expressed excitement about seeing the home, writing on Twitter, “Cant wait I see the little things u post on snap and it look amazing! Ull have to shout out whos the best bc we cant decide!”

It is possible that Jenelle Evans will show off her home on social media and on her website when she is ready and the home is done. And if she doesn’t do this, one can imagine she will show off the home on Teen Mom 2, as they could be filming the new season shortly. However, Jenelle has hinted that she may not be back for another season of the show if MTV continues to film her mother. She has accused her mother of keeping Jace from her, so she can continue to film Teen Mom 2 and get money from the network. Barbara has yet to confirm this theory, but it does seem plausible. Jenelle gave MTV an ultimatum and it will be interesting to see if Evans returns to the show.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ decision to finish her home before showing it off to fans? Do you think this Teen Mom 2 star is doing the right thing in an effort to get her son back from her mother?

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