Mama June’s weight loss program seems to be now in danger.

Mama June Now Caught Eating Sweets Secretly: Will Her Weight Loss Trainer Quit?

Mama June’s weight loss program, which has made her a celebrity around the world, seems to be now in danger. Honey Boo Boo caught her mom’s secret pack of sweets. The From Not To Hot star has apparently been cheating on her diet plan. And, now her daughters are in two minds. They can either protect their mother from her personal trainer Kenya by not revealing about the packet or save her from ruining it all by telling her personal trainer about it.

Thankfully, Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin decided to do the latter. In fact, they were really happy to expose their mother’s little secret to Kenya. Mama June looks embarrassed, as she smiles awkwardly. Kenya, on the other hand, is furious, as he goes on to attack the From Not To Hot star with one question after another. He asks her to tell him whom that pack of sweets belongs to. Mama June decides to keep quiet for a moment. This is a moment of recollection for her. She remembers how she told her personal trainer earlier that she was sticking to her strict weight loss diet.

Mama June's weight loss program seems to be now in danger.
Mama June’s weight loss program seems to be now in danger. [Image by itakdalee/iStock]

Mama June reveals in the voice over that she has been lying to her personal trainer about following the diet. She also reveals that she has been stressed out since she met her ex-husband’s newfound love, Jennifer Lamb, whom he is going to marry soon. Mama June has accepted the invitation to attend the wedding. Her former partner Sugar Bear’s wedding is a big occasion for her since that is supposed to be the day when she reveals her 2017 new look to the world. With only a few weeks away, she needs to maintain her strict weight loss program to reach the goal. But, now she reveals that she has been eating more than she needs to since her meeting with Jennifer.

“I’ve really been stressed out and eating since I had that meeting with Jennifer.”

Meanwhile, Kenya finds more packs of sweets from the sofa. Mama June tries to persuade her trainer now by saying those belong to the daughters. According to her, she did not sit on that sofa for a couple of days. Kenya gets back at Mama June and asks if those packets of sweets look like “progress” to her. Honey Boo Boo’s mom insists that she has been working out really hard. Kenya agrees. But, at the same time, he tells the reality TV star that she has been sabotaging her weight loss program by eating all the sweets. As Mama June keeps smiling awkwardly at her personal trainer, he shouts at her. “Why are you laughing,” he asks. She gets serious instantly and looks pretty uncomfortable at the moment.

Kenya looks pretty agitated about Mama June cheating on the weight loss program. He tells her that this is not something to laugh about. Mama June insists she is not laughing. We agree with her. She is not laughing. It is just an uncomfortable grin, which is enough to irritate Kenya who is already furious about the situation. He tells her that he does not care about her weight loss program, if she does not care about it herself. Mama June insists she does care about the program. She tries to tell him that she is “back” with the program. She tells Kenya that she has been eating healthy again. Moreover, her daughters seem to be angry with their mother. They tell her that she can’t mess everything up, now that she has come so far with her weight loss.

Mama June should not quit now after achieving so much weight loss, her daughters feel.
Mama June should not quit now after achieving so much weight loss, her daughters feel. [Image by AJ_Watt/iStock]

Viewers now wonder if Mama June can pull off the task of getting to size 4, ET reports. Kenya later tells the viewers that he is not disappointed because he found the sweets. He is disappointed because Mama June seems not to care about it. The teaser ends as Kenya says he cannot deal with somebody who “doesn’t care.” Will he quit training Mama June’s weight loss program? Find out on Mama June: From Not To Hot on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on WE tv.

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