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Girl Chained To Dresser By Parents Dies In Arkansas

Jersey Bridgeman

Bentonville, AR – The body of Jersey Bridgeman, the little girl chained to a dresser by her parents, was discovered in a vacant house near her home on Tuesday.

According to FOX News, authorities are currently investigating the murder of the six-year-old girl who disappeared earlier this week. Police located Jersey’s body around 10 minutes after the child was reported missing.

Bentonville Police Chief Jon Simpson explained the girl’s death is being investigated as a homicide. No details about the cause of death or possible suspects have been released as of this writing.

According to 5 News Online, Bentonville police have executed a search warrant on no less than three houses in the area, including Jersey’s home. Although police have collected quite a bit of evidence and interviewed a handful of people, no suspects are currently in custody.

“We’re working on either search warrants or other measures to be able to thoroughly inspect those residences,” Simpson said.

A man who identified himself as Jersey’s grandfather stated that the little girl had been living with her biological mother, DesaRae Bridgeman.

The Washington Post reports that this isn’t the first time Jersey Bridgeman has been the victim of violence. Last year, the little girl’s parents reportedly chained her to a dresser in order to keep her from getting into things around the house.

Court documents revealed that Jersey had been made to sleep on the floor in her parents bedroom. Jana and David Bridgeman pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, permitting abuse of a minor, and endangering the welfare of a minor in June.

“She said that Jana and David chain her to the dresser because she had gotten up and eaten some pies, cereal, and bread,” Rogers Police Detective Larry Taylor. “[The girl] stated that they put a belt around her waist so that she could not get up and get any food.”

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13 Responses to “Girl Chained To Dresser By Parents Dies In Arkansas”

  1. Theresa Carey- Ryan

    So how many times can adults and the system fail one child? Too damn many. Someones ass needs to be held accountable for this………..and NOW.

  2. Gwendolyn Roebuck

    It never ceases to amaze me that parents that do not want their children abuse them. After an investigation confirming the abuse are returned to the very environment of the abuse. Give the child up for adoption. Or, she could have been placed in a loving and caring environment. This truly disgusts me.

  3. Wendy Maddy

    why in the h e double toothpicks was the girl returned to the custody of her abusive mother? chained to a dresser to keep her from eating? where was social services? now she's dead? in addition to getting justice for the girl against her mother and father, the social services workers who let her down should also be imprisoned for negligence leading to her death.

  4. Frederick Bock

    OMG, sometimes I wonder about the people and organizations who are SUPPOSED to protect children. I mean if the ASPCA gets a call of a dog chained to a tree without food and the dog is skinny they take the dog and put it in a shelter, why not do the same for a child? Such SICK parents/guardians and a helpless child ends in death, the parents should be sterilized and don't deserve a thing–i hope they rot in jail and regret what they did every second until they die.

  5. Deborah Gerdes

    The worst part of this is of course the abuse and murder of this child. A terrible side effect is what child protective services will do now, to some other family. Every time a child like this falls through the cracks of the system, instead of taking stock of themselves, and looking at what could have been done differently, CPS will simply go to the extreme in the next situation, particularly when it does not require CPS intervention. Too often we see CPS workers remove children for the most minor infractions of the parents, or in situations that do not merit their intervention. They do this to take the heat off themselves for their massive failures in cases like this one. CPS in every state needs serious revamping, and the criteria needs to be examined more closely. Kids who need their help, really need it, seldom get it. Parents who could use a little guidance but are basically good people are deprived of their kids, reputation and sometimes livlihood because of over zealous workers trying to make themselves look good after these failures.

  6. Kate Scott

    Why the hell was this poor little girl allowed to go back to those people in the first place! The officials who allowed her to go back there are as guilty as her killer.

  7. Rhonda Pittman

    ALL CHILD PROTECTIVE WORKERS SHOULD BE TRAINED EXTENSIVELY! Every state. Start in Arkansas, then NEWTON COUNTY GEORGIA. In Newton County they will send the abused children straight back to the mother who did not report the abuse.
    I know if it happened there, it probably goes that way everywhere.

  8. Judith Russell

    Do you realize how many social workers are leaving CPS due to the lousy pay, stress, and poor leadership? That mean, those who are left within CPS are even more overworked and overburdened. Within the group left behind are some undesirable personnel that should never have gone into the profession they are in, to begin with. I'm sick of the situation, too, and have gone back to school in mid-life to be a social worker. While many of my friends are fleeing that position, I'm going in to try and make a difference and help with a solution. What are you doing? The burden to protect children and be an example to our society is upon the shoulders of all of us.

  9. Kailey Heart

    She went back to her biological parents it was her dad and step mom who abused her both of whom are serving time in jail (18 and 12 years)

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