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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Renewed? Season 7 May Be The Last For A Couple Of Reasons

As Alaskan Bush People Season 6 wrapped up at the end of last month, fans were left wondering if the show will be renewed. Although the Discovery Channel has yet to make a formal announcement regarding a Season 7, rumors swirl that a new season of Alaskan Bush People may be the last for a couple of reasons.

While Alaskan Bush People has gained quite a few critics over the last six seasons, the long-running reality TV series has also gained quite a loyal following, with fans speaking up on social media and in article comments that they would love to see a Season 7.

“Looking forward to the next season and all the family being back together,” said one fan on the official Alaskan Bush People Facebook page.

However, even if Alaskan Bush People is renewed for Season 7, there’s a good chance that the Brown family won’t all be back together, as news recently circulated that Joshua “Bam” Brown, 32, may not return to the Alaskan Bush for a new season.

Travelers Today shared less than a week ago that “Bam Bam” Brown was spotted in South Carolina recently with girlfriend Allison Kagan and that the couple may decide to settle down somewhere in the lower 48 states.

“There have been rumors that he has been spotted in South Carolina, and some fans claim that he may have purchased a Tiki bar in Eutawville.”

The possibility of Alaskan Bush People Season 6 was announced less than one month prior to the premiere in December of 2016 with a new Christmas episode. Australia Network News shared in November of 2016 that Alaskan Bush People would be renewed if Brown family patriarch Billy Brown, 62, agreed to not appear in upcoming episodes.

“The return of the show is still under debate. Reports have it that the show received a lot of negative feedback in the last season due to Billy Brown’s involvement in illegal affairs.”

The return of Alaskan Bush People for Season 7 is also still under debate, and fans probably shouldn’t expect a formal announcement from the Discovery Channel regarding a return date until just a few weeks before a new season airs.

TV Series Finale reported only three weeks before Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People officially aired on January 4, 2017, — with Billy Brown still as a cast member — that the Discovery Channel “announced season six of Alaskan Bush People will debut in January.”

Alaskan Bush People fans should again expect short notice of Season 7’s return date, and according to some rumors floating around, fans should also not be surprised if Season 7 will be the last for the nine-member Brown family.

The Discovery Channel hinted in a short video clip from last season that there may be a Season 7, with a new member coming to Browntown. Noah Brown’s girlfriend, Rhain Alicia, was possibly leaving Alaska and going back to Oregon for jobs and housing, but Noah said he would move her to Browntown if he had to.

Rumors speculate that Noah, 24, and Rhain, 26, have already secretly been married, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, so Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People may pick up there — with Noah and Rhain as a couple, living in Browntown.

Whatever the Discovery Channel ultimately decides to do about renewing Alaskan Bush People, Season 7 will probably be the last for the Brown family. Rumors state that Discovery Channel’s five-year lease of the land where Browntown sits is about up. Additionally, it’s rumored that the Brown family is only willing to do seven seasons.

Release Date TV shows Alaskan Bush People Season 7 as still pending, but comments at the bottom of a recent Monsters & Critics article suggest that the Discovery Channel only leased the land for the Browntown film set for five years, which could be coming to an end soon, considering Alaskan Bush People has been on the air since 2014, with six full seasons.

“Leased for 5 years by Discovery Channel. The Browns don’t live there.”

Starcasm actually confirmed the rumor that the Discovery Channel leases the land in Alaska for the filming of Alaskan Bush People in a 2015 article, saying that the land where Browntown sits “is being leased by Discovery from a local family,” adding that it is about a 20 minute boat ride from Hoonah, Alaska.

Both Noah Brown and Bear Brown, 29, were recently spotted in Los Angeles, as photos surfaced on two Alaskan Bush People Facebook pages. Just yesterday, Alaskan Bush People Exposed shared a photo of Noah posing with a fan in Los Angeles, and two days ago, the Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown Facebook fan page shared a photo of Bear Brown posing with a fan five weeks ago in Los Angeles at a grocery store.

Brown family matriarch Ami Brown, who’s only in her early 50s, is reportedly in Los Angeles for medical treatment, possibly a major surgery, as also recently shared by Alaskan Bush People Exposed. Sightings of the Brown family in Los Angeles could mean that Ami is taking longer than expected to recover, which could be “holding up filming” for Alaskan Bush People Season 7.

New special episodes of Alaskan Bush People with extra and lost footage continue to air on the Discovery Channel every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST, an attempt to hold the interest of fans until the network officially announces whether or not Alaskan Bush People will be renewed for Season 7.

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