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‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Honored In A Tattoo, Supports Independent Scotland?

Looks like Outlander star Sam Heughan will forever be immortalized, at least if his fans have anything to say about it. A photo is making the rounds from a recent tweet posted by Sam’s co-star on Outlander, Steven Cree, and it seems there are quite a few more devoted fans of the show than previously thought! And not only are they fans of Heughan, they’re fans of Cree, as well!

According to the Scottish Sun, Outlander star Sam Heughan started bantering playfully with Steven Cree after Cree tweeted a picture of a fan who got a tattoo of Heughan and Cree on her upper chest. Heughan, who seemed amused at the tattoo, asked Cree if it was his breast that he was showing off.

Cree, without missing a beat, reminded Heughan that he had a tattoo of his face “on his arse.” He also told Heughan to not act like he didn’t know that, suggesting that Heughan had seen Cree’s “arse” before.

An intrepid fan then posted a picture — which was a Photoshop do-up, of course — of what Cree’s tattoo of Heughan might look like.

Meanwhile, according to the Scottish Sun, Outlander star Sam Heughan is making the news in his native country because of Scottish Independence. Though Heughan didn’t say anything directly about Scotland’s potential “exit” from the United Kingdom, he did retweet Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, leading to speculation that he supports Scottish Independence.

In the past, Heughan has been very vocal about his support for Scottish Independence.

“He first lent his support to Nicola Sturgeon’s assertions that Scots should be ‘given a choice’ over the future of the country. The retweet was followed with a few nods to some of the central issues during the last referendum – where a majority of Scots voted to remain in the union. Sturgeon said she was ready to take voters back to the polls, on what turned out to be the day the Article 50 bill cleared parliament. Heughan, a vocal pro-independence supporter who recently told the Herald that a split ‘could be worth the gamble’, has previously been criticized by some fans for talking politics online.”

Finally, according to the Scotsman, Outlander star Sam Heughan recently paid a visit to his alma mater to recall his acting roots and to inspire the students who were hoping to get into acting, as well. The star recently stopped by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to speak to the next generation of performers, and he gave them some solid advice on acting (and how to perfect their craft) and how to get into the entertainment industry.

This was all part of a campaign by the university to recruit new students, and to inspire others.

“In a 4 minute interview shared by the Royal Conservatoire via Youtube, the actor recalls his formative years and reveals the invaluable lessons learned and friendships forged while studying for his diploma. The Royal Conservatoire’s campaign arrives hot on the heels of the announcement that the institution is now regarded as the world’s third best college for performing arts. Past alumni of the Scottish academy include household names such as James McAvoy, David Tennant, Katie Leung and Alan Cumming.”

You can catch Outlander star Sam Heughan on Starz when the show returns for its third season in September.

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