‘This Is Us’ Spoilers For Season 1 Finale: Heartbreak & Hope Ahead For Pearsons

It is time for the Season 1 finale of This Is Us and spoilers tease that this one will be a major heartbreaker. Will viewers learn more about what caused Jack’s death and how this Pearson tragedy impacted Rebecca, Kate, Kevin, and Randall? There is no doubt that Tuesday night’s show will be intense, but fans are dying to know more. What can everybody expect?

The last that everybody saw, Rebecca had headed off to begin her tour and she had a tense goodbye with her husband. He brushed off some flirtations coming from Heather as he was at the bar with co-workers, he decided to go find Rebecca to smooth things over, and he called Kate to tell her that she had been right about what he needed to do. He took off, a few drinks under his belt, and many are afraid that the Pearson patriarch is going to end up dying in a drunk-driving accident.

Unfortunately, This Is Us spoilers hint that viewers may be left disappointed and longing for answers on this front. According to TV Guide, Tuesday’s Season 1, Episode 18 show titled “Moonshadow” will take viewers back to see how Jack and Rebecca first met. Apparently, everybody will find out that he had been working as a mechanic at the time and a customer offered to set him up with her best friend’s granddaughter. He seemingly resisted initially, but he eventually gave in and that is how the Pearson pairing began.

Milo Ventimiglia plays Jack Pearson on 'This Is Us'
‘This Is Us’ spoilers tease flashbacks to Pearson’s younger days [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Show creator Dan Fogelman shared some additional This Is Us spoilers about these early Pearson days with Entertainment Weekly. He says that Jack will have recently returned from Vietnam and he’ll be struggling at home with his parents while Rebecca is in the early stages of trying to put together a career in music. Ventimiglia’s character will be seen without the character’s signature facial hair, a development that fans will surely notice and enjoy.

Variety details that show creator Dan Fogelman has incorporated something that could be quite buzzworthy, as he has said that this episode takes everybody to the darkest place they’ve been so far and This Is Us spoilers detail that there is a scene between Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack and Mandy Moore’s Rebecca that seemingly has never been done on television before. Moore has warned everybody that people will be destroyed and left quite upset by how this finale plays out, but not necessarily for the reasons they might expect.

The final moment in Tuesday’s Season 1 finale will be key from the sounds of things, and it will be upsetting. However, Fogelman also hints that it will be packed with beauty, optimism, and hope. Viewers should not necessarily expect a cliffhanger, but they also will not get all of the answers about the tragic Pearson death that they’ve been so anxious to receive. Fogelman teases This Is Us spoilers hinting that new questions will arise and while some answers emerge, key details will carry over into Season 2.

In addition, the show creator says that the Season 1 finale will change everything and people may be left pondering some unexpected developments. Many cast members have been teasing This Is Us spoilers detailing that the big question looming over the series, regarding how Jack dies, will not be resolved in the March 14 finale. The theory about the drunk-driving accident may end up being too obvious at this point, considering that the series like to throw curveballs at people, but the buzz has consistently been that a lot of what everybody wants to know will be held until Season 2.

The Pearson family of NBC's 'This Is Us'
The Pearson family faces more heartbreak in the Season 1 finale [Image by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]

Ventimiglia teases via the Hollywood Reporter that he hopes everybody has already recovered from William’s death because what’s coming up in this finale is going to be a rocky ride. He references the big scene that Fogelman has talked about being so unique to television and notes that it’s painful, heartbreaking, and involves his character and Rebecca’s. He adds This Is Us spoilers indicating that there are two or three key scenes in Tuesday’s episode that help to close out Season 1 and set the stage for what comes next for the Pearsons.

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, detailed via the Hollywood Reporter that this one will have a different feel to it and will be heavier and darker than what viewers typically see. That is an interesting tease to consider since this series already tends to be filled with emotional moments. This Is Us spoilers confirm that Jack and Rebecca will be the primary focus of “Moonshadow,” and while this isn’t fully a standalone episode like what everybody saw recently with Randall and William, it’s close to it.

How does Jack die? Why does Kate feel responsible for her father’s death? How does Rebecca end up marrying Miguel? How do Randall and Beth move on from William’s death and what comes next for Kevin and Sophie? This Is Us spoilers tease that this will be a brutal episode and while those with the series have been great at keeping specifics under wraps, nobody has downplayed how emotional things will be getting. Tune in to the Season 1 finale featuring more heartbreak for the Pearson family airing on Tuesday, March 14 on NBC, then stay tuned for spoilers regarding what comes next as things progress.

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