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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Gun For Liv, Jake Worries Elizabeth

Things have been hot and wild lately on General Hospital, and spoilers tease that there is more drama on the way with Tuesday’s episode. Liv tried to force her brother to shoot Alexis, but he managed to give his estranged wife an opportunity to run and after a gunshot rang out. He then fell off the ledge and out of sight. Carly and Sonny are both in a tough place, but they now know about Olivia’s involvement in Morgan’s death. GH teasers note that the March 14 show will kick off some renewed concern for Elizabeth and Franco over Jake and the time he spent with Helena. What else is on the way?

The last that viewers saw of Liv, Alexis, and Julian, it looked like he may have been shot and fell over the high ledge thanks to his sister. Both Alexis and Liv looked stunned, and fans were left hanging about Julian’s fate. Did he just get killed? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed much about what comes next on this front, but SheKnows Soaps notes that Alexis will reflect on the feelings she has for her estranged husband during Friday’s episode.

Liv will talk with Rudge about how there is one more wrong that she needs to right. She doesn’t realize it yet, but she’ll be working on completing her schemes in Port Charles just as both Carly and Sonny come gunning for her. Carly is now aware of Liv and her involvement in Morgan’s death thanks to Ava, and she is determined to track down the wild Jerome family member. GH spoilers share that Carly will be intent on seeking revenge, and as she visits Morgan’s grave and begins to search for Liv, Sonny will be making plans of his own. GH teasers reveal that Sonny will hunt down Rudge, and while Dante will soon be trying to dissuade his father from resorting to violence again, Sonny will seemingly be determined to avenge his son’s death.

Constance Towers played Helena Cassadine on 'General Hospital'
What did Helena do to Jake during those missing years of his? [Image by Djamilla Rosa Cochran/Getty Images]

Viewers have been anxious to see some resolution when it comes to Jake’s missing years with Helena and the outstanding issues she instigated with her will, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this will finally come back to the forefront again. Elizabeth is said to become quite worried about Jake, and she’ll wonder about those years he spent with Helena. GH teasers indicate that Franco will become concerned again as well as he works with Jake on some art therapy. Just what did Jake experience during that time with Helena? Nobody knows the answers to that yet, but it sounds as if a resolution of sorts will finally be coming.

Andre will reach out to Jordan during a moment alone, noting that he misses her and the relationship they had, but will this be too little too late? GH spoilers share that Curtis and Andre will butt heads during Tuesday’s episode, and Soap Central details that Curtis will be suspicious of Andre as the week continues. Which man will ultimately capture Jordan’s heart?

Lulu is desperate to find a way to win her custody case against Valentin, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she and Laura will turn to Kevin to ask for help. It sounds as if they’ll propose that he be the one to do a needed evaluation, which they feel will ensure it favors their side, but will Kevin agree to do what they ask? He obviously wants to keep his relationship with Laura moving forward, but he may balk at the favor they’re asking that would push him to cross a line professionally.

Genie Francis plays Laura on 'General Hospital'
Laura is doing her best to help Lulu on ‘GH.’ [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

As this week continues, Elizabeth will give Sam a meaningful gift, and Laura will be issuing a warning to Valentin. Ava will be struggling in the wake of the mess she’s in, and there’s more to come with Liv. Actress Tonja Walker revealed that she will be leaving the role of Liv later this month, and GH spoilers indicate that she’ll make another move against Griffin before she leaves town.

Is Julian dead? There has been buzz that William deVry might be ready to leave the show, and GH does love to go with a presumed dead/missing body story, just like they did with Nikolas Cassadine and Morgan Corinthos. However, rumors suggest that Julian is still alive, and while viewers will have to tune in to see how long it takes for this to be revealed, General Hospital spoilers have hinted that the “Julexis” story isn’t finished yet.

What’s the truth about Jake’s time with Helena? Will Lulu win custody of Charlotte from Valentin, and if she does, how does that impact his marriage to Nina? Can Carly and Sonny find a way to work through all of this chaos and rebuild their marriage? General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty more must-see drama on the way, and fans cannot wait to see how it all comes together in the episodes ahead.

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