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WWE News: Seth Rollins Close To Cleared From MCL Injury, Match On With Triple H?

Seth Rollins returned to WWE RAW this past week to save RAW General Manager Mick Foley from the wrath of Triple H, he would drop his crutch and dash in to attack The Game but would eventually find himself beaten down. The major issue for Seth Rollins stems from a legitimate MCL injury he sustained in an altercation with Samoa Joe weeks ago. At Joe was taking him down, Rollins’ right knee got bent in the wrong way, and thus the MCL tear ends up occurring.

The normal recovery time for this type of MCL issue is around six to eight weeks. The MCL is quite unlike the ACL and even PCL. The healing time is actually pretty light in comparison to the other tears in the knee. The real danger initially for Seth Rollins was that it was unknown if this was all that he hurt. The right knee is the same one that got messed up in 2015, where he tore just about everything in it, including the MCL.

Luckily, it was confirmed the MCL was the only thing that was messed up, but it still made many wonder if he would be healthy in time for WrestleMania 33. The eight-week mark happens to be the week of WrestleMania, but WWE would never want to put Seth Rollins out in the ring to take bumps or shots to the leg if he was not able to take them.

Rollins attacks Triple H
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The match with Triple H may very well have been confirmed during WWE RAW on Monday, as Rollins getting physical at all means he is clearly healing up well enough to do such things. He took a great deal of shots to the leg from Triple H, which means WWE feels he can take them without causing harm to the already bad knee.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, in fact, it seems doctors believe Seth Rollins is almost good to go. So much so, they partially cleared him recently. The clearing happened, but it did include some restrictions. Basically, things like what we saw on WWE RAW were obviously cleared by doctors, as they feel Seth Rollins is healthy enough with his knee to do all of those things.

Meanwhile, doctors have not fully cleared him to have full on matches yet. Keep in mind, we’re technically five weeks out of the initial injury. With this MCL injury needing 6 to 8 weeks, it means that Rollins is actually ahead of schedule or at least right on time. He was partially cleared and was able to do that much, including taking numerous shots to the bad knee from a hard crutch.

While Seth Rollins was still wearing his knee brace on the bad leg, he was seemingly able to move around just fine without having to limp or really need anything to help him stand. This is quite significant, as it proves that Rollins can walk on his own and move his knee well enough to do what he needs to do inside the ring. If the MCL was still such an issue for Rollins, doctors never would have cleared Seth to do the kind of things he did on RAW, as it was practically what he would do in a match.

Triple H hurts Rollins Leg
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Most believe with WWE using Seth Rollins a lot the last number of weeks, they are certainly still planning on the match happening. There are some sources who believe that the altercation with Triple H at WrestleMania 33 won’t be a match at all, but rather a brawl of sorts where no actual match would be made. If that is the case, then it could lead to some very interesting circumstances for Rollins and Triple H.

What WWE could do is make it out to be a street fight, which would allow them to include the likes of Samoa Joe and possibly Finn Balor in the match. Everything would be legal, and Rollins could also still wear a brace in the match as well. On top of this, the aspect of the match would be similar to what happened on WWE RAW on Monday where WWE puts more time in the brawling aspect rather than something inside the ring.

As it stands, WWE has not made a match official between Seth Rollins and Triple H. While it is expected that something will happen between the two, without something official being announced it can only be assumed. One could conclude that due to WWE RAW GM Mick Foley being in an altercation with both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on Monday, he would end up making match official next week as one of his last acts as the General Manager of the red brand.

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