Gaza Rocket Attacks

Gaza Activist Says Rocket Attacks Are ‘Our Right’ [Video]

Palestinian blogger and activist Sarah Salibi described terrifying circumstances in Gaza to the Times of Israel on Monday. In talking about the Israeli strikes she said that she feels the rocket attacks Hamas is launching against Israeli civilian are not just necessary but a right granted the Palestinians under International Law.

Salibi said:

“The situation is terrifying, it has been this way since the beginning of the situation in Gaza six days ago. They’ve given us no time to relax, explosions are everywhere. Every few minutes there’s another explosion. We even stopped counting. Everyone in Gaza feels the same way: they are angry, they are sad… Everybody in Gaza wants this to end, because we’re tired of explosions. We can’t sleep.”

She said regarding the Israeli Defense Forces claim that civilians are not being targeted:

“I don’t think that will ever happen. Israel is always targeting civilians. They claim they don’t… but that’s not true because most of the casualties are civilians. We will never believe that.”

She then went on to say that Gazans were cheering the idea that Hamas targeted Jerusalem. Arabs claim Jerusalem is the third holiest site in Islam. Salibi said that since Jerusalem was occupied by the Israelis that it was a legitimate target.

She even made excuses for rockets hitting West Bank Palestinian villages saying that by shooting into Israel it is most likely they will hit Jews and if they hit Arabs so be it.

Salibi went on to say she agreed with Hamas politically and that she wanted to see the attacks continue.

Salibi said:

“The only way the Palestinians can liberate occupied Palestine is though armed resistance, we believe, because negotiations… are absurd. We don’t believe in negotiations, anyway, and we only believe in armed resistance. The Palestinian people are fed up with Israeli aggression and massacres of civilians and innocents in Gaza.”

As for an end to the rocket fire at civilians in southern Israel, Salibi said “we believe this is not called terror attacks. [Palestinians in Gaza] believe these are not terror attacks, they are our right, it is guaranteed by international law.As long as Israel is committing crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Hamas will not stop, of course.”

Watch a video of the Israeli Defense Forces targeting rocket launch sites in Gaza.