Guerlain ad shows stunning star

Angelina Jolie Stuns In Guerlain Ad Amid Rumors She Worried Brad Would Leave Her

Angelina Jolie has finally returned to the scene with her latest gig for Guerlain. The beauty has been relatively low-profile while the dramatic divorce between she and Brad has taken center stage in the media. Both stars have stayed away from the press while reports swirled about the happenings in the courtroom.

However, since both Brad and Angelina agreed to seal court documents to avoid press getting their hands on details and thereby protecting their children from the negativity, things have settled, allowing both to move on in their respective careers and in the private proceedings.

Within the latest Guerlain ad and Jolie’s first job in the spotlight since the divorce drama began back in September, the beauty stuns in a black and white scene, with the description stated by the star, “Guerlain’s new fragrance has been created for an extraordinary, sincere & authentic woman.”

The beauty brand describes the fragrance as a “fragrance for women who defy categorization, who embrace all that life brings and all sides of themselves, who are comfortable in their own skin and whose guiding spirit is to be true to themselves and to live a life of use to others.”

The Huffington Post shared additional details about the one minute clip that accompanies the print ad, within which Jolie also stars.

“The mother-of-six also stars in a one-minute commercial for the perfume called ‘Notes of a Woman.’ According to Guerlain’s Twitter page, the clip shows ‘the story of the fragrance creation that embodies modern femininity.’ The commercial shows Jolie strolling through a mansion (perhaps Chateau Miraval?), practicing her lines and wandering through a vineyard as a mysterious man creates a scent.”

It was suggested this past week that the ad was shot at the chateau which was shared by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in France. It was also speculated that the ad was shot before the estranged couple and their children boarded the private jet on which the alleged intoxicated argument took place which led to Jolie announcing her intentions to divorce Pitt. Additionally this incident was said to have prompted the FBI investigation into possible child abuse from which Pitt has since been cleared.

Jolie recently spoke on Good Morning America. In the interview the mother of six shared about the challenging time she and her family were enduring and even spoke positively about Brad, admitting that she still believes him to be a “wonderful father.”

ABC reminds of Jolie’s words during the interview. She stated, “We are focusing on the health of our family. So we will be stronger when we come out of this because that’s what we’re determined to do as a family.”

When asked if she still believed Pitt was a “wonderful father”, as she had once described him, she replied,”Of course. We will always be a family.”

Although Brad and Angelina were together for 12 years following meeting while filming the steamy movie Mr & Mrs. Smith, new reports suggest that Jolie was always fearful that Pitt would return to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Brad and Angelina caused a media fire storm upon beginning their affair 12 years ago, mainly due to the fact that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were not yet divorced. Jolie was perceived as the other woman and Aniston as the victim of the supposed temptress.

However, recently filmmaker Ian Halperin, who is currently producing a tell-all about Brangelina from beginning to end, stepped forward to indicate that Aniston and Pitt had been estranged for months before Angelina came on the scene.

Despite six kids together and what appeared like a wonderful life, Jolie was reportedly still insecure about losing Pitt to Aniston, as Yahoo recently reported.

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