Lira Galore sex tape rumors

Lira Galore Reveals Sex Tape Partner, Denies Its Lance Stephenson On Instagram

IG model Lira Galore hit the news when gossip blog Fameolous leaked a sex tape of the model with a man many believed to be NBA player Lance Stephenson. The model, who is the former fiancee of Miami rapper Rick Ross, took to Instagram to slam her critics and deny that Lance Stephenson is in the tape stating the following.

“Scary world we line in. This day and age where people think its ok to post anything even if it’s someone’s most intimate moments, no matter who it’s with. [Want to] be the first to expose, not thinking about who they love or who loves them. Not thinking “hey she got a mom” or she got a boyfriend, fiance… sad. Ruining people lives and relationships for a sip of ‘tea’ shits watch… People lead real lives out here and to even think another woman posted this is even worse… everything is not tea.”

The statement continues with the following.

“Everything is not ok to put on the world wide net. Another thing, let’s make sure we have facts. No the [guy] in the video isn’t Lance. I know of Lance [because] he dated my best friend. I am sure he would concur that we don’t know each other personally. The guy in the video is my ex-boyfriend. You know, like my man. The guy I lay up with. Let’s not make a big deal out of me doing something so normal to..”

Women being sexual is NOTHING NEW (recorded or not). What is new is the wave of people "exposing" others intimate moments eternally for momentary satisfaction. That's weak. -update THATS NOT LANCE. And your blogs got it wrong.

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Lira Galore, also known as Lira Mercer, criticized the blog and fans for not considering her privacy. She went on to reveal that she knows Lance Stephenson because he dated her best friend. She then revealed that the sex tape is with an ex-boyfriend and tells the public not to make a big deal out of the situation.

The popular Instagram model has been linked to a Twitter hack last year, with messages from Chad Ochocinco, Yo Gotti, and Mike Epps. Reports always suggested that fiancee Rick Ross left her when it was revealed from past tweets that she had a crush on fellow Maybach Music Group (MMG) stars Wale and Meek Mill.


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Lira Galore later confirmed that her old tweets and pictures with Meek Mill were the reasons Ross ended their engagement, according to Global Grind.

“I think the initial breakup was a combination of everything from people digging up tweets when I was 17-years-old tweeting about different people, to the picture of Meek. I went to his (Ross’) tagged photos one day and it was only that picture of Meek, and it was just that photo. Everybody just kept posting it and I felt like as a man, he just couldn’t handle it when it was just nothing. I feel like during that time apart he realized he was tripping, so we got back together.”

My #galoregirl movement is back ????

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Lance Stephenson is yet to respond to the sex tape rumors. The 26-year-old NBA player is currently with the Minnesota Timberwolves and is recovering from an injury,

The Instagram model has not been linked to anyone since her breakup with Rick Ross. Following their separation she revealed that she still loves him and is not interested in another relationship for the time being.

“We just decided to go our separate ways. I’m 22 and this was my first time in love and I put it out there. I’m still in love with him, but some things don’t go as you would like them to go.”

“I’m fresh out of a breakup, so I’m not looking or worried about anybody right now. There were other things going on, so we parted.”

Lira Galore did not reveal who her ex-boyfriend is in the sex tape and doesn’t seem to know who is responsible for the leak.

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