young Justin Trudeau images spark social media frenzy

Youthful Justin Trudeau Shirtless Photos Whip Social Media Into Frenzy [Photos]

Never-before-seen photographs (see photos below) showing the Canadian prime minister as a ravishing young man have surfaced online and gone viral. The photos, being shared widely on multiple social media platforms, have sparked a social media frenzy, with thousands of adoring social media users, especially ladies, freaking out over the images of a youthful, god-like Trudeau.

The photos, believed to have been taken when Trudeau was a young university student, have further established his reputation as the “heartthrob of international politics,” according to the Daily Mail.

The internet fell in love with Trudeau when thousands first saw photos of him on the pages of news websites after he emerged as the prime minister of Canada. But the cult-like preoccupation of social media fans with the Adonis-like visage of the gorgeous prime minister was rekindled and reached a fever pitch earlier this week when photos from his youth surfaced online, mysteriously.

One of the most widely shared photos of young Trudeau shows an attractive, bare-chested young man in his 20s, with tousled hair, posing for a snap on a beach. The photo shows Trudeau, a fresh-faced youth dressed in an unbuttoned sleeveless shirt, revealing a hard, lean, ripped body adorned with an exquisitely athletic six-pack.

The image is causing a commotion on Facebook and Twitter, with thousands of female fans openly admitting a crush on the Canadian politician.

Another photo of young Trudeau being shared widely on social media shows a snap of his tight masculine “butt.” The image went viral immediately after it was first shared on social media. Some admirers gladly nominated the prime minister’s pert posterior for an Oscar.

The collection of photos of Trudeau in his youth surfaced online only about two weeks after photos of him sitting next to an apparently captivated Ivanka Trump caused a stir on social media. The president’s daughter, according to social media users, appeared to be stealing covetous glances at her father’s guest during a round-table discussion at the White House.

“She looks like she’s ready to risk it all,” The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah said in reference to the images allegedly showing Ivanka “swooning” over Trudeau, according to the Telegraph. “She looks like she’s considering dressing up as a Syrian refugee just so Canada will take her in, like, ‘Let me in, Justin’!'”

“And I get it, because Ivanka is an attractive, vibrant young woman,” Noah continued. “And ever since her dad became president, have you seen the troll men she has to hang out with? Look at these guys!”

Trudeau’s fans on social media have indeed compared the images of the politician from his youth with those of other politicians, such as Joe Biden, also considered to have been a “hunk” in his youth, judging from photos that have surfaced on social media.

“Step aside young Biden. These photos prove young Justin Trudeau is who you should be hitting with a 1:37am ‘u up?'”

Ivanka is not the only high-profile public figure that social media users claim to have been photographed “swooning” over the Canadian Adonis. Other images have emerged online allegedly showing Kate Middleton, actress Emma Watson, and even the German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently swooning over the lady-killer.

Some fans on social media have described Trudeau as “a beautiful dream.”

And not only women have fallen for Trudeau’s charms. Many male social media users have also expressed their admiration.

“Young Justin Trudeau could run me over with a semi and I’d say thank you.”

“Good morning to everyone, especially young Justin Trudeau.”

“Young Justin Trudeau is here to stand you up at prom and break your heart.”

“Young Justin Trudeau has set a new standard for politicians everywhere,” a fan tweeted.

“Now accepting reservations to talk about young Justin Trudeau anytime anywhere 24/7 please. Just give me a time and place and I’m there,” another fan tweeted.

“Young Justin Trudeau looks like the camp counselor your mom warned you about who got that girl pregnant last summer but kept his job,” yet another gushing fan commented.

“Ridiculously hot pics of young Justin Trudeau show he was way more fit to be a god than Prime Minister,” TMZ commented. “The Internet is rightfully losing its collective mind over these shots of JT from back in the day when shirts and sleeves were optional.”

Justin Trudeau, now 45, attended Universite de Montreal and McGill University. After he graduated from school, he entered politics and rose to the position of the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

He is married to Sophie Gregoire, and the couple have three children.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]