Kylie Jenner & Kendall Jenner are allegedly caught in a feud over Lip Kits & real estate

Kendall Jenner Allegedly Called Sister Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits ‘Tacky’

Kylie Jenner and sister Kendall Jenner are allegedly caught in a feud, and sources claim things are so bad between the siblings that they’re supposedly “at each other’s throats” after Kendall reportedly called Kylie’s line of Lip Kits “tacky.”

According to reports, the sisters, who have made no secret of the closeness in the past, are allegedly locked in a nasty feud over finances, particularly when it comes to their homes and business ventures.

The two have supposedly been butting heads over their homes and businesses – namely, Kylie’s uber-successful makeup line – in recent weeks, and Radar Online claimed that Kendall is supposedly “jealous” of the huge amount of success her younger sister has seen with Kylie Cosmetics since Jenner launched her Lip Kits in 2015.

An insider told the site that Jenner supposedly slammed her sister’s Lip Kit line as “tacky” before alleging that their reported feud then seriously boiled over after Kylie splashed some serious cash from her business ventures on her new home.

A source alleged that Kylie and Kendall haven’t been on the best terms for a while amid her Lip Kit success, but they claimed that things between the sisters turned even nastier when Kendall found out that Kylie had spent more than $12 million on a new lavish mansion.

Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner
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Kendall, according to the source, believes that Kylie went out of her way to best her by purchasing the home, paying out double the amount she paid for her luxury mansion last year.

“The Jenner girls were at each other’s throats before, but the rivalry between the two is now reaching fierce proportions,” the site claimed about the alleged feud between the sisters, suggesting that Kylie purposefully went all out with a huge new home because she knows Kendall’s “sits on a small plot of land and has a small pool” and wanted to go bigger than her sister.

“Kendall Jenner doesn’t see the point in a huge portfolio like Kylie’s because she can only live in one house at a time,” a source told Radar Online, adding that Kendall thinks Kylie has been flaunting the riches made from her Lip Kits.

“Kylie Jenner sees each of her houses as investments and her way of becoming the richest Kardashian,” the Kardashian source then added amid the feud accusations. “She’s always joking with her mom about how she’s going to make more than Kim.”

Kylie and Kendall have not officially confirmed the feud rumors put forward by Radar Online, although the site also spoke to the sister’s grandmother, Esther Jenner, who revealed that Kendall and Kylie also had a lot of money stashed away in trust funds, which they then spent on their homes once they both turned 18.

“They’ve been making money from the time they were quite young and all that money was put into a trust for them,” Jenner told the site of the Jenner sister’s finances, which has allegedly caused a feud between the sisters. “When each of them was 18 they started buying houses.”

Kylie Jenner's lip kits allegedly called "tacky" by Kendall Jenner
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While Kendall and Kylie are so far staying tight-lipped amid reports their real estate and Kylie’s Lip Kit business ventures has caused a major feud between the two, they noticeably haven’t been spotted together on Instagram recently despite the sisters posting numerous selfies together to the social media site in the past.

Kylie has been absent from Kendall’s Instagram page and vice versa in recent weeks, although both have been posting increasing number of photos with friends amid reports Jenner may have slammed her sister’s Lip Kits as “tacky.”

Kendall posted a snap with her model friends including Bella Hadid on February 21, while Kylie posted a snap of herself and two friends showing off their velvet tracksuits on February 26.

The last time the Jenner sisters were spotted together on Instagram was prior to the feud rumors on January 13, after both posted the same black and white photo to their accounts showing Kylie putting on her mascara in the mirror while Kendall could be spotted looking on in the background.

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