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NM Gov. Susana Martinez Joins GOP Cacophony Of Romney Critics

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New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is the latest prominent Republican who, after months of having to throw support behind a less-than-ideal candidate during the 2012 election is no longer holding back when it comes to blunt criticism of Mitt Romney — though Martinez stopped short of attacking the ideas in favor of the wording in some respects.

Gov. Susana Martinez was a hot property stumping for Mitt Romney at the RNC, firing up the base with her speech about American gumption and her rise to the top from being a security guard for her family’s small business with a gun she described as bigger than she was.

But whether it’s the orchestrated start of a makeover or just genuine dissent in the ranks bubbling up, Gov. Susana Martinez, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Chris Christie and other younger, more dynamic party members have indicated that they’re not letting the GOP go the way of the Whigs. (Although with the party’s current state, it almost seems more apt to compare it to the Know Nothing faction.)

Martinez spoke plainly about her feelings on Romney’s candidacy and legacy after a recent meeting of Republican governors, saying:

“We have to start electing people who look like their communities all the way from city council to county commissioners to county clerks all the way through the state and up into national politics … We need to embrace them not just at election time.”

She continued:

“We visit them, and they don’t appreciate that. And I don’t blame them for not appreciating that. We should not visit them when we need their vote and then walk away. And then four years go by and we go visit them again. We have to make them part of the solution, and the way you do that is by listening to them.”

But when it came to Mitt Romney’s post-election assertion that President Obama bested him by giving “gifts” to minority voters, Martinez fell back on the semantics of the statement rather than outright attacking the ideas behind it, at first:

“That unfortunately is what sets us back as a party — our comments that are not thought through carefully.”

She did, however, lambast Romney for openly eschewing nearly half of all voters in his damaging “47 percent” remarks:

“It’s a ridiculous statement to make … You want to earn the vote of every single person you can … It doesn’t matter whether individuals are in need of assistance of the government or individuals who are in college, it doesn’t matter. Why would you ever write off 47 percent?”

Ultimately, Gov. Susana Martinez says, the key to earning a larger share of the minority vote is in asking, not telling voters about their communities and challenges.

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8 Responses to “NM Gov. Susana Martinez Joins GOP Cacophony Of Romney Critics”

  1. Wolff Bachner

    "“We have to start electing people who look like their communities." This sounds like the beginning of racial quotas for elected officials. its like saying if a district is all Jewish only a Jew should represent them in congress. that's racism and it sets an atrocious standard. the voters should elect people for their record and ideas, not their appearance or ethnic background.

  2. Richard Sweezey

    Why did Ms. Martinez stump for Mr. Romney if she's so passionate about the 47%. This is just another BS Republican coming out after she supported Mittens to declare she really didn't like him. Where were you when Romney was taking money away from college students and single moms and latinos and blacks, you were hiding behind the Republican flag, now pay the price.

  3. Zeigist Boileau-Despréaux

    You are absolutely correct. What is the matter with these politicians? They are so narrow minded, bigoted and plain racist; they are not able to "think before they speak" or before making such political statements. They are indeed desperate.

  4. Zeigist Boileau-Despréaux

    Yeah, after that humilliating and tremendous defeat on the presidential election, they can now"speak up"?… They were willing to send Romney into the White House, knowing what they knew about the man ! In other words, they never liked their own candidate but still, they had to back him up even if he was so wrong for the candidacy? and now that he's out of the picture (though not quite yet); it's now time to "express their real opinions"…These politicians are disgusting and so is their party. Hypocrites!

  5. Zeigist Boileau-Despréaux

    So now that the carriage turned into a pumpkin, the horses into rats and the grand ball is over; reality kicks in for the republicans. It is however, quite disgusting and a reflection of their party and themselves, to be making these types of statements. They should at least admit their defeat and have the common sense to not make comments against their own candidate. This shows what "moral character" their party is based on. Throw Mittens under the bus!
    There is absolutely no honor, no class and no Ethics in these politicians whatsoever! They picked a loser, so out of touch with reality and after their BIG defeat, don't know what to say or do? A leopard cannot change its spots, and the republican party cannot change its reputation. They are their worst enemy…

  6. Anonymous

    “We have to start electing people who look like their communities…

    Isn't that saying it doesn't matter if you represent their concerns just trick them into thinking you do because you look like them?

  7. Jim Auslander

    WYF do rhino's not understand we want a conservative not a frikkin politcal robot , new party screw the gop tea party needs to start a conservative party now, no carl Roves, or Newts<or MCains,.

  8. Gary Decker

    You did,nt build that was such an astute statement,, feux outrage by persons such as yourself is just that,, You do,nt really care as long as you make the other side look bad . and you did,, congrats.

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