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James Kennedy Defends Lala Kent Against ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Stars

James Kennedy and Lala Kent are still closer than ever. Even though the SUR hostess left Vanderpump Rules early in Season 5, James shared that they still consider each other BFFs.

Speaking to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, James Kennedy revealed that Lala Kent leaving SUR and Vanderpump Rules didn’t cause a strain in their relationship. James, himself, also left SUR early this season after Lisa Vanderpump fired him for his drunken behavior. Although he tried to get his job back, Lisa clearly got fed up giving the “arrogant little punk” more chances.

In the interview, James shared that he and Lala are still “very close friends.” The reality star explained that Lala did not have the best relationship with some of the girls from Vanderpump Rules because of her personality. He, however, added that Lala did not care if her co-stars liked her or not.

“She’s very outspoken. The girls obviously have their own insecurities about Lala. She was just the bold one that didn’t really care what these particular girls thought,” he said.

But James pointed out that Lala wouldn’t act that way to her true girlfriends, saying that Lala is a girl’s girl through and through.

“She’s got her girlfriends and she is dope like that. But then she also knows how to f**k with people if they’re very easy to f**k with,” he added.

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Hearing James Kennedy defend Lala Kent can be quite surprising to some Vanderpump Rules fans especially since the former SUR DJ also talked about Lala’s relationship behind her back. Everyone at SUR was wondering how Lala could afford to buy designer bags and drive a Range Rover with her hostess salary. Several of her co-stars thought that her married boyfriend was providing for all her needs. Lala, however, insisted that she can afford these nice things because her parents were still supporting her.

“I’ve heard many stories from Lala. I’ve heard that she’s dating some multimillionaire football player, second story is that she’s back with her ex, third story is that she’s dating some married millionaire, and then I’ve also heard that she’s single. Four major variables that I don’t believe any of them are true.”

At one point, James even said that Lala could actually be dating a married guy. He was frustrated that Lala would feed her the same lies she’s telling everyone at SUR.

“Do I think the guy’s married? Probably. She wants to go ahead and do that then that’s her business. But when you’re lying to your enemies and your friends, it’s not exactly building a good case for you,” he said.

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But it seems that James Kennedy and Lala Kent have moved past their issues. In a recent interview, James revealed that he’s trying to stay away from all the rumors surrounding Lala’s personal life. When asked if he still thinks Lala’s dating a married man, James insisted that he still does not know.

The Vanderpump Rules star said that people on the show have said very harsh things about Lala even though they were not exactly saints themselves.

“I feel like every one of the cast members have definitely done horrible things, so I don’t think Lala’s doing very horrible things. I do trust whatever she tells me, and apart from what everyone else says I’m always there for her and she can talk to me,” he said.

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Vanderpump Rules Season 5 airs Monday’s on Bravo.

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