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Newark Mayor Cory Booker bans Conan O’Brien from airport

conan o'brien cory booker

From the files of “is that a threat or a promise” comes Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s latest foray into the limelight.

As a former resident of Newark, it’s most certainly a slow-moving target, and Conan O’Brien made a crack about a new healthcare initiative in Jersey’s PATHiest city, saying:

“The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey wants to set up a city-wide program to improve residents’ health. The healthcare program would consist of a bus ticket out of Newark.”

Booker calls Newark “one of the fastest growing cities” in the East and briefly asks residents about their opinions on Conan and his remarks. Then, “according to the powers invested in (him) by the people of the city of Newark,” Booker whips out his banhammer and officially puts O’Brien on Newark Airport’s no-fly list. It’s a clever move for Booker, and a good way to use O’Brien’s joke to bring some humor and PR to the underrated city that’s only eleven minutes by train from Greenwich Village.

Watch the clip, below:

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