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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2017 Cast News: Who’s Definitely Not Returning To Show

The last few weeks have produced some scoops where the Bachelor in Paradise 2017 cast is concerned. Who’s appearing in BIP Season 4? It was revealed to Us Weekly and Entertainment Tonight that Season 3 bad boy, Chad Johnson, will make a return to the Season 4 cast. Some rumblings about who else will be cast on Bachelor in Paradise 2017 have already started since Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor premiered.

Who’s definitely not returning to BIP this summer? According to Hollywood Life, Seasons 2 and 3 contestant, Ashley Iaconetti, isn’t coming back for another chance at finding love on the reality series.

“I wouldn’t torture myself. I definitely wouldn’t [do this season].”

Ashely Iaconetti has no desire to be cast on Bachelor in Paradise 2017. She doesn’t rule out returning to the show in the future, but she wants to put her career first. For the time being, Ashley is taking on the role as a Bachelor expert on Access Hollywood and has her own podcast called, I Don’t Get It. Those are where her main priorities are at and isn’t placing a lot of importance on finding love right now.

Ashley is said to be close with Jared Haibon, but they don’t talk about dating because it’s especially hard for her to hear about what’ he’s up to in that department. The 28-year-old hasn’t had much luck with dating and shares what her last experience was like.

“The last guy I went on dates with was a set up. I hate dating! It’s the worst. I’ve never thought it was fun. The only fun part about it is getting to eat food and getting dressed up. Then once I’m dressed up, I’m like, ‘well I don’t want to waste this with this guy. I’m never excited to go on the dates that I get asked on.”

Ashley adds that she never develops a crush on anyone unless it’s someone from television, then they “don’t reciprocate.” She blames her situation on being too picky and that she just doesn’t like a lot of men. It’s rare for her to be attracted to someone.

“It’s really tough for me to be attracted to someone. It happens like once a year that I meet a guy that I want to make out with.”

Are you surprised to hear that Ashley Iaconetti won’t be on the Bachelor in Paradise 2017 cast?

When Chad revealed to ET that he was returning to BIP in 2017, he said he’s taking a different approach. Last season he exhibited vulgar behavior and dished out mean-spirited comments to fellow cast members. In his interview, he said this time he plans to “not black out, try not to get kicked off. Do not scream at Chris Harrison, [and] watch out for the crabs. And actually try to get on a date with the girls I am interested in.”

On a good note, Chad has been putting a lot of effort into making positive changes by only drinking twice this year. He faced some heavy consequences for his actions when his real estate career took a dive and people didn’t want much to do with him.

Who else is predicted to appear on the Season 4 cast of Bachelor in Paradise? There are speculations that many cast-offs from Nick’s Bachelor season will be on the show. Among the names put out there are Danielle Lombard, Alexis Waters, Corinne Olympios, Kirstina Schulman, Raven Gates, and Taylor Nolan.

It’s unknown which former BIP contestants will return as Season 4 cast members.

Bachelor in Paradise 2017 premieres this summer on ABC.

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