Selena Gomez is sick of being defined by her boyfriends.

Amid Romance With The Weeknd, Selena Gomez Tired Of Being Defined By Boyfriends

Selena Gomez and the Weeknd are having the time of their lives as a newly-minted couple. The “Hands to Myself” singer, however, would rather prefer that her fans leave that part of her life alone and just focus on her music, according to an insider for TMZ.

The 24-year-old Gomez is not just one of the most successful pop stars of this generation, she also has the most commanding presence in social media. In fact, she has the largest following on Instagram, with followers amounting to over 110 million.

Being the most followed celebrity on Instagram has its share of disadvantages, however. As a social media superstar, Gomez’s life, particularly her romance with The Weeknd and her past relationship with Justin Bieber, is being put under much scrutiny. So much so that most of her followers on Instagram aren’t in it for the music anymore. And Selena, according to the source, is fed up with it.

Furthermore, Selena Gomez is sick of being defined by boyfriends. And it’s tough to blame her for that, either. After all, she worked so hard to get to where she is today. With over 7 million albums and 22 million singles sold worldwide, Gomez deserves and demands to be respected as an artist.

“She’s fed up with everyone on social media trying to define her by the guy she’s dating and is proud of her accomplishments as a singer,” the source says.
“She thinks every time she hooks up with someone people ignore her as an artist, a TV producer for a new show, the face of Coach and the most followed person on Instagram.”

It’s tough to blame Selena for expressing frustration over the scrutiny her love life has been getting. For one, not only was she singularly defined as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend during the six years that they’d been together, she also had to face the stigma of being the “Purpose” singer’s ex-girlfriend since they separated years ago.

Singers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez attend The 2011 ESPY Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on July 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. [Image by Christopher Polk /Getty Images]

Unfortunately for her, nothing seems to have changed even when her romance with The Weeknd became public knowledge. And it certainly doesn’t help that Bieber has been taking subtle potshots at The Weeknd since her romance with the “Star Boy” singer became public knowledge.

During a live Instagram chat session with fans, Bieber hurled a subtle diss at The Weeknd — real name Abel Tesfaye — when a fan asked him what his favorite song was, to which he replied, “‘Starboy by The Weeknd’…. before bursting into laughter.

“We gotta end it now. That was too funny,” Bieber giggled.

Bieber, who got nominated for several awards at the Grammys, reportedly did not attend the “pointless” ceremony, which lists The Weeknd as one of the performing acts for the show that night.

Last month, Bieber was asked by TMZ if he’d be willing to listen to a track by The Weeknd.

“Hell no I can’t listen to a Weeknd song, that’s just wack,” he replied.

While The Weeknd has relatively kept mum on his romance with Gomez, his latest track was inferred by many as a diss to Bieber.

“I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me,’ he finishes the first verse. ‘She say my f*** and my tongue game a remedy,” the line went.

The chorus sounds a bit more telling.

“I just took that chick, and I know you feelin’ some way / She just want a ni*** like me, you feelin’ some way.”

TMZ reports, however, that the rumors suggesting that the track’s lyric was written to taunt Bieber were ridiculous, since Makkonebn wrote it even before he started dating Selena Gomez.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez’ latest track, “It Ain’t Me,” which featured a collaboration with Scandinavian DJ Kygo, has been a resounding success, according to Indian Express. Gomez also produced a Netflix TV series called 13 Reasons Why, which is due out in March.

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