Michelle Obama Fake News Exposed

Michelle Obama’s White House Extravaganza Exposed For What It Is — Fake News

Michelle Obama has something in common with Donald Trump today, which is probably something she would never expect to hear. Both Michelle and Trump are targets of fake news that is circulating the online world. The latest fake news has the former first lady fancying $11 million worth of new furniture while she was in the White House a few years back, which she reportedly purchased at the taxpayers’ expense. The fake news goes on to say that Donald Trump is going after her for all the money that this report claims she blew while at the White House, with the furniture expense just a drop in the bucket.

This report includes Trump reportedly trying to recoup the money for not one, but four yachts that Michelle Obama collected during her time in the White House. Who knew the former first lady had such a hankering for the sea? When not at sea, the report indicated that Michelle had her own jet, although no one can seem to remember her flying in it. No one can seem to place Michelle yachting in any one of those four fake news ships as well.

This fake news is starting to sound like comical news, but it is happening today. This latest attempt to make Michelle Obama look like a first lady throwing money around for all the purchases she made while at the White House is just too bizarre to be true. The headlines today (fake headlines) are stating that President Trump has “ordered” Michelle Obama to pay back $11 billion for her lavish expenditures, according to Snopes.

Back in 2011, Michelle Obama was accused of spending $10 million of taxpayers’ money on extravagant vacations. This included all the extras like expensive massages and very expensive alcohol. Her stays in five-star hotels was also a costly venture, wrote the Daily Mail back in 2011. You can see a tweet about that report below.

Even for a former first lady, $11 billion is probably way out of her reach. The report was spotted on the website Focus News, and then a few other outlets picked it up, mostly to report that it was fake. According to the website Snopes, the story is “based in part on the myth that First Lady Michelle Obama employed an absurdly extravagant staff.”

According to this report, Michelle Obama was someone who needed 214 personal assistants, 32 gardeners, and 11 dog walkers. While the public only knows of one dog that the Obama family called their own, what would the former first lady need all these dog walkers for? It would take a month of Sundays to address 214 personal assistants. A group of this reported size wouldn’t look like staff, it would look more like an army. Last by not least, the gardening folks; maybe her garden would constitute several gardeners keeping it up to par? After all she did keep one fabulous White House garden, but 32 gardeners is one humongous stretch.

A few of Michelle Obama’s reported biggest expenses on this fake news report were the $11 million she spent on furniture, along with a plane, and not one, but four yachts. This would have given Michelle a yacht for every season. While it was a long eight years that Michelle Obama called the White House home, no one can seem to recall her last yachting venture. But since this is all fake news, no one really has to.

While the ludicrous report attempted to paint Michelle Obama as someone who was very extravagant with other people’s money, namely the taxpayers, it went a little further than that. Why not throw some vices in the story as well?

According to this report, Michelle spending money on liquor and cigarettes was also something Trump was looking to have her reimburse the taxpayers for. The report has Trump taking the stand that she should have paid for these things out of her own pocket. This was a woman who grew her own vegetables, so all these lavish items reported with this fake news is not even worth pondering about. This still didn’t stop the social media sites from circulating the fake news, as seen below.

Another report has a pension of $160,000 going to Michelle Obama’s mother, Marion Robinson. This was also a fake news report, according to an article by ABC News last month. The report said that because her mom lived in the White House for the last eight years and helped care for the Obama kids, she was considered part of the Obama’s “child care” staff. Because of this, she was going to draw a government pension of $160,000. This is not the case, as this fake news report is resurfacing again.

The article on Focus News does offer a disclaimer that they do not “make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.” Why would they want to spin this in the first place? This is just one horrific example of how fake news is becoming a real trend today.

Why would someone report things that are so outrageous that it’s easy to see it isn’t true once you’ve read the first sentence of the report? Were Trump’s fake news complaints taken as a dare by someone out there conjuring up this absolutely ridiculous story today? Business 2 Community reports that this $11 billion Michelle Obama expense story is absolutely “fake.”

Because the story sounds ridiculous as soon as you read it, was someone making a point about fake news? Even Obama’s non-supporters wouldn’t believe this rubbish about Michelle Obama. Four yachts, really? This is one good example of where fake news is headed. If anything it might be best used as a scare tactic of what to expect in the future if things don’t come to a screeching halt with fake news today.

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