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Tim Tebow’s Jets Teammate: ‘He’s Terrible’


Players on the 3-6 New York Jets apparently aren’t enthusiastic about the idea of inserting backup quarterback Tim Tebow into the starting lineup instead of underperforming starter Mark Sanchez. Supposedly, “nobody” on the Jets wants the former University of Florida star to be the team’s signal caller.

Sanchez has a completion rate of 52 percent, which is the lowest in the NFL, and has thrown four red-zone interceptions, which also leads the league.

Tebow, however, has gotten very little playing time this season with the Jets even though the team has been tanking.

According to the New York Daily News, Tebow’s teammates — on and off the record — want Tebow to stay on the bench despite Sanchez’s woes:

“More than a dozen Jets players and members of the organization painted a sobering picture of the player who rallied the Broncos to the playoffs last season. In their eyes, he’s simply not very good …

“ ‘He’s terrible,’ a defensive starter told the Daily News.”

Jets players on both sides of the ball reportedly claim that Tim Tebow has not improved his skills since Denver traded him to the Jets last March and that he is a “gimmick” player.

Jets left guard Matt Slauson said, according to the Daily News, that the Jets have only one other quarterback on the roster, that being Greg McElroy. He referred to Tebow as “an athlete.” Another starter, unnamed, indicated that the team doesn’t regard Tebow as a quarterback and instead is “the Wildcat guy.”

Former Jets QB Joe Namath, who has already stated that that Tebow isn’t talented enough to start on an NFL team, last week accused the Jets of acquiring Tebow merely to grab headlines.

Do you think that Tim Tebow should get more playing time with Jets or is he just not up to the job of starting NFL quarterback? Did the Jets trade for Tim Tebow merely as a publicity stunt?

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14 Responses to “Tim Tebow’s Jets Teammate: ‘He’s Terrible’”

  1. Rosemary Knight

    A quarterback needs the support and confidence of his team. This team hasn't wanted or respected him since he went there. How could he perform well? He needs to get out of there.

  2. Rudi Nurnberger

    Tebow was a paladin in Denver, he needs a team that believes in him to play well, he feeds off it and believes in himself. Without that he's a very average player…

  3. Fidel Castaneda Jr.

    The defensive and the whole JETS team can shut the hell up! THEY ARE ALL TERRIBLE! Look at their standings… their turnovers, there interceptions… who's to blame here? The entire Jets team. So yeah leave Tebow out of this if you ain't getting him involved into the team. No one's to blame here but those who speak badly against him. Suck it!

  4. Dean Fuller

    Used to be fair to actually give a player a shot before criticising him….where's the badmouthing for Sanchez, the QB actually on the field performing terribly. He could only dream of what Tebow did in Denver…Tebow needs to jump ship. Didn't LaDainian Tomlinson mention how toxic the NY Jets were? this just proves it.

  5. Glen Robinson

    In college–and in Denver–Tebow proved one thing: TEBOW IS A WINNER!
    Because Tebow was on the bench, he had NOTHING to do with the Jets' abysmal year.
    And the LOSERS–you know, the Jets who stunk up the field–bum rap TEBOW's ability?
    Those are the same guys, down 38-3 with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, who race around the field with their index finger raised after catching a touchdown pass against the other side's garbage-time players.
    Namath WAS a talented quarterback whose skills–and judgment–were eroded prematurely by lifestyle choices. His opinions should be confined to his true areas of expertise: sluts, gamblers, and booze.
    Let's compare the last playoff performance of Manning (sad), Sanchez (bad) Namath (forgotten) and Tebow.
    The WINNER is…………………………

  6. Shane Merrill

    Funny how none of these so called teammates have the balls to go on the record. The New York Jets have never been more weak or pathetic.

  7. Rob Hollingsworth

    Half the team loves him, half the team hates him. Who cares? Tim would have outplayed Sanchez and put up more wins for the Jets, and should have been given the chance. Ownership and management made a very unwise decision to not play Tebow as the starting QB. But, this team has many holes to fill and issues!

  8. Leon Levy

    Well said Dean. Who wants to play for a team and coach with a locker-room as filthy as the NY Jets?
    Tim will find a better team, the Q is which one?

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