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Texas Secession Movement Not New, Leader Says, But Catalyzed By Obama’s Second Term

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The Texas secession petition, in addition to others in several states, has been a strange election postscript in recent days, but, contrary to common belief, the movement itself did not begin with President Barack Obama’s re-election.

Cary Wise is Membership Director at the group spearheading the movement for Texas secession, known officially as the Texas Nationalist Movement. Wise has seen some level of interest among like-minded folk hoping for Texas’ secession but admits that the re-election of the President has galvanized the movement and brought the conversation to the national level.

At a packed meeting of hopeful Texas secessionists last night, Wise said he believes that it is “inevitable” that the state will break away from the Union but the intent right now is to do so non-violently:

“We’re not gonna start a revolution; we’re not gonna go shoot anybody … We’re gonna politically and peacefully, through the pressure of the sovereign people of the State of Texas, we will change this. People ask if Texas independence will really happen. Folks, it is inevitable.”

Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller told POLITICO that the seeds of Texas secession were sown some time ago but that the perception among those joining now is that the second consecutive election of Barack Obama has turbocharged the movement:

“I am completely aware that Election Day was a catalyzing moment, but I do not believe that the underpinnings of this are solely about Barack Obama … This cake has been baking for a long time — it’s the Obama administration that put the candles on the cake and lit it for us.”

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Miller continues:

“This is not a reaction to a person but to policy and what we see as a federal government that is so disconnected from its constituents and absolute no regard for what its purpose was.”

The Texas secession leader also reiterates that the movement is not intended to be violent, saying:

“We walk in the same vein as Gandhi and those guys.”

As of last count, more than 80,000 people have signed the Texas secession petition, but the state is legally prohibited from seceding, lawmakers confirm.

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5 Responses to “Texas Secession Movement Not New, Leader Says, But Catalyzed By Obama’s Second Term”

  1. Kin Chau

    Hey, those people signed their names on it and do me a favor. Please ASK yourself a big question: How and What do I have to say to those who fought and died for TX? Now you are thinking…………. Another question is to TX along : What to do when Mexico going to war and step into TX land? TX is not in UN and who is going to help TX?

  2. Zachary Goldberg

    Legally prohibited? BS! Thomas Jefferson believed that a revolution was needed over 20 years or so to make people remember what is most precious is most vulnerable. I say have at it, God bless the states who carry the values and vision of our Founders.

  3. Peter J. Richards

    Poppycock, get a life. People fight for ideology (which includes religion and land). People that fought for Tx fought for the ideology that Tx represents – freedom. The secession movement is a continuation of that fight. WRT to Tx and Mx, give me a break.

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