Demi Rose spent Valentine bathing naked and posting on Snapchat

Demi Rose Spent Valentine’s Day Completely Naked In Bathtub, Video On Snapchat

Demi Rose gave fans a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day as she stripped completely naked while enjoying a bubble bath in her bathtub. She posted the sultry video which showcased her voluptuous assets on Snapchat. She is obviously enjoying being single as of the moment.

A single’s guide for a romantic session on Valentine’s Day

Demi Rose may have briefly dated rapper Tyga last May before the latter went back to Kylie Jenner’s side. However, in her recent snaps posted on Snapchat, the 21-year-old is obviously happily single and showing Tyga what he is missing.

Her 3.8 million followers were entertained as she posted a completely nude video of herself in a bathtub filled with bubbles up to the brim and a few rose petals all around her. With the water up to her midriff, Demi used her arms to cover her cleavage while enjoying the relaxing bath in the foamy water.

Demi Rose spent Valentine bathing naked and posting on Snapchat
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Putting on a full face makeup and her hair neatly tied up in a bun, she scooped up the bubbles and blew them in a seductive fashion.

If you don’t have a date for these occasions, you might consider pampering yourself to a luxurious dip in a bubble bath. Demi Rose has it all figured out for you.

She is known for her saucy snaps and wearing barely-there lingerie

The Birmingham model is known for regularly posting sultry snaps in skimpy clothes on her social media account to keep her followers entertained. Dubbed as “UK’s queen of Instagram,” the girl can rival even Kim’s selfies. She has the stunning looks, the incredible curves, and an insanely cheeky posterior.

Demi has had a meteoric rise to fame on social media over the last year following her brief relationship with Tyga while he was on a break from Kylie. Since then, the young stunner has been socially active and is using this advantage to accept opportunities from modeling agencies, particularly after attracting the attention of U.S.-based Taz’s Angels.

Demi Rose spent Valentine bathing naked and posting on Snapchat
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Two weeks prior to posting her Snapchat video in the bathtub, she shared a picture of herself in a black lace lingerie and suspender stockings. The raunchy shot gave us an eyeful of her full bust and toned figure. In another photo, she showed off her enviable round posterior while wearing white stringy lingerie. Demi’s sexy selfies managed to garner a growing online following in her name.

“I’ve had Instagram since I was 18. Posed for selfies and pictures and it just grew from like 60,000 to 200,000 to a million…” she said in an exclusive interview with The Sun.

In December 2016, she posed completely naked on the beach for a calendar cover and wore barely-there bikinis as the inaugural cover girl of the SIXTY6 magazine.

She has plans on starting an acting career in Hollywood

Demi Rose is reportedly planning to relocate to L.A. where the Jenners and her ex, Tyga, currently reside.

“Brummy Demi is planning a move to the US as she has set her sights on Hollywood. She is already trained in acting as she attended theatre school as a child. She has become friends with Michael bay, who discovered Megan Fox. Maybe he will give Demi her big break,” a source told Daily Mail.

Although Demi and Tyga had a short fling together, she insisted she had not been left “heartbroken” as their relationship turned sour in the end.

Demi revealed in an interview, “We really liked each other out but logistically it didn’t work out in the end. But you know everything happens for a reason. I’m not heartbroken, though. For now, I’m just doing me!”

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