Samurai Jack: Season 5 Trailer Contains Several Secrets About Ageless Warrior?

Samurai Jack: Season 5 Trailer Contains Several Secrets About Ageless Warrior?

Season 5 Samurai Jack was recently confirmed by Cartoon Network. The popular anime’s fifth season has been eagerly awaited by its fans for nearly a decade. A short teaser video of the animated series was posted on YouTube, and as expected, it offers several clues about what lies in store for the ageless warrior who is trapped in the future.

Samurai Jack, an immensely popular Japanese anime about a warrior who gets thrown into a dystopian future where he is under constant threat from the demon Aku, is making a comeback after a gap of 10 years. Although the Japanese warrior has stopped aging, he is expected to receive some closure in the fifth and presumably final season of Samurai Jack.

The trailer for the fifth season indicates a time-jump of about 50 years since we last saw Samurai Jack untiringly defeating whatever nightmares Aku kept sending to kill him. Although tired and many-a-times injured from the intense confrontations, the battle-hardened warrior never lost hope.

Samurai Jack’s story originated in feudal Japan. He is portrayed as a warrior with the highest of values which make Samurais a legend. Although skilled in the traditional martial arts and highly proficient with the katana, Jack is forced to become handy with modern-day weapons because he is abruptly sent into the future where Aku is intent on killing him. Samurai Jack is accustomed to time-travel. In fact, his extensive jumps through time have made him immortal, an aspect which is expected to make a deep impact on how he acts. Unfortunately, the trailer also hints that Samurai Jack is permanently stuck in the future because Aku has destroyed all the portals that could have allowed Jack to return to the past and live a peaceful life.

Interestingly, immortality has a deep impact on Samurai Jack, who appears quite disheveled in the beginning of the trailer. It is possible that Season 5 of Samurai Jack might briefly reveal what the warrior was up to when he realized he was “cursed to just roam the land for all eternity.” Thankfully Jack ditches the hobo look after realizing Aku has stepped up his offensive tactics.

Despite being brought into the future by a time portal, Samurai Jack never loses his traditional values. One of the most appealing aspects about the lone warrior is his steadfast loyalty to the values he was taught while he was being trained to become a Samurai. His core values, including living life with utmost honor, defending the weak and defenseless, and never asking anything for risking his life, govern him. Unfortunately, the very aspects that define Samurai Jack often force him into dangerous predicaments. Fortunately, Jack’s superior abilities as a warrior and lightning fast reflexes help him to gain an upper-hand in the uncomfortably protracted conflicts.

It will be interesting to see how the values that govern Samurai Jack, and the fact that he has become immortal, define the warrior’s decisions and actions. In the past, Aku’s attacks were meant to annihilate Jack, but it is not clear how Aku will deal with an ageless warrior. Now that the fear of death is no longer a factor, will the Samurai step up his offensive tactics to take on Aku? Will Jack proactively seek the demon and try to destroy him?

The trailer for the Season 5 of Samurai Jack indicates there is a barrage of new-age warriors and weapons, most notable among them being the band of ruthless female ninja assassins. Additionally, the trailer briefly shows Samurai Jack discharging guns and other futuristic weapons. The usage of advanced weaponry is accompanied with a musical backdrop of synthwave tunes, reported The Verge.

The original Samurai Jack series ran from 2001 to 2004 with a total of 52 episodes. Despite the fact that the Season 4 of Samurai Jack ended a decade ago, the excitement about the action anime never ended. The Japanese anime has always featured a rather dark theme filled with drama and intrigue as well. Cartoon Network has confirmed that Season 5 of Samurai Jack will premiere on Saturday, March 11 on Adult Swim.

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